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Video Call Appraisals

Video Call Appraisal

Do you have a lot of antiques, collectibles, and stuff that you need Dr. Lori to evaluate right now? Interact with Dr. Lori live face-to-face using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. She appraises your items regardless of where you live or your busy schedule.

Use simple apps that are already built into your smartphone or tablet like Apple's FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad, Google's Hangout, or Skype on your computer or laptop. Show Dr. Lori your items, talk to her in real time, ask her questions about selling your stuff as she correctly identifies your items and tells you what they are worth as you walk around your house!

It is EASY! You are already having video calls with friends and family, why not with Dr. Lori?  If you can make a phone call and shoot video with your smartphone or tablet, you can get appraisals from Dr. Lori from anywhere. Invite Dr. Lori into your attic, basement, grandmother's estate or yard sale now using Video Call Appraisals for as low as $250 per 30 minutes. Most calls only take 30 minutes. It is a great service.

Contact us about setting up a Video Call Appraisal appointment!

Video File Appraisals

Maybe you don't need to interact with Dr. Lori live and ask her questions in real time? Do you just need to have her appraise your antiques and collectibles from a video? You can send pre-recorded video of the items you want Dr. Lori to evaluate using the video recorder on your cell phone, camera, or tablet. 

Simply walk around your house, basement, grandmother's estate, or attic with your cell phone, camera, or tablet and shoot video of all the items you want Dr. Lori to evaluate. As you shoot the video, provide your comments and questions about each item that you want Dr. Lori answer. She will then email you your Video File Appraisal for the items in the video.

Contact us about sending a video file for your Video File Appraisals.

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