Advertising Opportunities

Advertise and Sponsor

1.  Have your brand, product or service associated with Dr. Lori's integrity, honesty, and popularity.
2.  Dr. Lori is internationally known and respected.
3.  Honest reputation built over 15 years.
4.  Loyal following online, in television and print, and at over 150 personal appearances every year.
5. Reach all demographics from young adults to the fast growing baby-boomer generation. 

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Advertising Opportunities

Advertise at Dr. Lori event

These are some of the suggested advertising opportunities. We'd be happy to discuss customized packages to meet your needs.

1. Banner advertising at Dr. Lori's events at Home and Garden Shows, Art Festivals, Women's Shows, Food and Wine Festivals, baseball stadiums, on cruise ships, etc. Have your brand, logo or product viewed by thousands for hours over several days.
2. Title Sponsorship of Dr. Lori's Antiques Appraisal Comedy Tour and/or TV program across the country or in regional markets. Have your brand, product or service mentioned and/or viewed whenever Dr. Lori's tour or TV program is mentioned in television, print, and online ads.
3. TV commercials before and/or after Dr. Lori's popular antiques segments on television stations across the country. Spots available during public broadcasts and online with web video reaching a worldwide audience.
4. Mention of your brand, product or service within one of Dr. Lori's television segments. Have your product incorporated into the segment by Dr. Lori. 

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Dr. Lori events
Dr. Lori presents her popular Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show around the world at 150 shows a year entertaining audiences. Ask us how to book an event for you.

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