Who is Dr. Lori?

Dr. LoriDr. Lori is the star antiques appraiser on the History channel's The Curse of Oak Island, Discovery channel's Auction Kings and appears on FOX Business Network's Strange Inheritance.

Dr. Lori has shared her expertise with Business Insider, NBC TV's TODAY show, Anderson LIVE, Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, NBC TV's The Tonight Show, Inside Edition, and Lifetime Television. Dr. Lori is an award-winning TV personality and TV talk show host with the Ph.D. in art history.

Ph.D. antiques appraiser, Dr. Lori Verderame is an internationally syndicated columnist and an author with 30 books to her credit. She has contributed a blog to Lifetime Television and has been an editor of several lifestyle magazines. Dr. Lori is the director of www.DrLoriV.com.

Presenting more than 150 events every year and conducting in home appraisal visits, Dr. Lori reviews approximately 20,000 items a year.

Watch Dr. Lori share her background

Not your typical antiques appraiser story


Dr. Lori is a graduate of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and Wesleyan University. She earned her Ph.D. in art history from The Pennsylvania State University.  Dr. Lori has served on the faculty at Penn State University, State University of New York, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Albertus Magnus College, Arcadia University, Southern Connecticut State University, and Muhlenberg College.

Museum Experience

Dr. Lori has held museum positions at the Yale University Art Gallery, the Allentown Art Museum, Muhlenberg College, and the Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State University.

Publications & Syndicated Column

The Palladium-Times

The Palladium-Times
Every Saturday in the weekend supplement.

Available at locations in and around Oswego, New York and Oswego County.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix
Every week in Friday's edition.

Available at locations in and around Phoenixville, Pennsylvania and Montgomery County Pennsylvania.

The Roanoke Star

The Roanoke Star
Every week

Available at over 260 locations throughout the Roanoke, VA area.

The Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald

The Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald
Every other week.

Available in locations throughout the Roanoke-Chowan region in NC.

The Sentinel

The Sentinel
Every Saturday in the Weekender section.

Available at the locations throughout Lewistown, PA, Mifflin County, PA and the Juniata Valley.

The Sentinel

The Sentinel

Available at locations throughout Cumberland and Perry Counties, PA including Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, and Shippensburg, PA, and others.

The Star

The Star
Every Sunday

Available at locations in and around Auburn, Indiana.

The Woodlands Lifestyles & Homes magazine

The Woodlands Lifestyles & Homes magazine
Every month in the Spring, TX region.

Available every month at locations in The Woodlands and Spring, Texas areas.

Upper Bucks Free Press

Upper Bucks Free Press
Every month.

Available at locations throughout Upper Bucks County, PA.

Venice Gondolier Sun

Venice Gondolier Sun
Every other Saturday in the Time Out for Home Design section.

Available at locations throughout Venice, FL.

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TV Talk Show Host

Dr. Lori taping interview

From teaching at major universities to presenting over 150 shows each year in front of live audiences around the world, Dr. Lori's experience educating and entertaining crowds of all ages makes her a natural in front of the camera and as a TV host.

When the program Comcast Tonight was re-launched, owned by the nation's largest cable company, the Comcast Network, Dr. Lori was selected to host the TV talk show. As a popular TV host, Dr. Lori engages media executives, tech experts, politicians, community organizers, celebrities, and other guests in countless interviews on a variety of lifestyle, political, and news topics.

TV Programs

Dr. Lori in Comcast studio

Dr. Lori is an award-winning TV personality. She has appeared on:

-  History channel's The Curse of Oak Island
-  Discovery channel's Auction Kings
-  FOX Business Network's Strange Inheritance
-  Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
NBC TV's The Tonight Show
Anderson LIVE, Anderson Cooper's talk show
Lifetime Television's The Balancing Act
ABC TV's Live Well Network
-  Fine Living Network
-  Host, TV talk show Comcast Tonight
FamilyNet's Everyday with Marcus and Lisa
-  Treasure HD's Treasure Seekers
Retirement Living TV
-  The Comcast Network
-  BBC World Service
-  NPR

Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser

With over 150 events every year and in home appraisal visits around the world, Dr. Lori reviews approximately 20,000 items a year.

Unlike most art and antique appraisers, Dr. Lori has a Ph.D. in art history and DOES NOT have an interest in buying people's objects, thus ensuring an honest, ethical, and accurate appraisal..

Dr. Lori conducting appraisal

Some appraisers don't want you to know the true value of an object since they are interested in buying the object from you at a much lower price than its actual value.  Good business for them, but not for the general public who has no idea what their items are worth. 

If you are interested in selling your items, we suggest that you receive an independent appraisal from an unrelated third party. This DOES NOT mean that you should use an appraiser who was referred to you by a prospective buyer.  Once you have an independent appraisal, you then have the necessary information you need to protect yourself and properly negotiate when you are selling the item.

Compare Dr. Lori's background and experience with other art and antiques appraisers.

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Host a Dr. Lori Event

Event Headliner

Known internationally for her roles on the History channel's The Curse of Oak Island and Discovery channel's Auction Kings and her syndicated column, Dr. Lori is an excellent keynote speaker for your next event, client appreciation program, or conference.Dr. Lori at antique appraisal show

With years of TV and radio experience and over 150 personal appearances a year for decades presenting to thousands of people worldwide, Dr. Lori is a professional speaker. Her presentations are NOT canned, boring slide show presentations. She will NOT stand in front of your audience only to show videos of herself on a screen.

She will actually engage, entertain, and inform your audience. Your group will laugh out loud and ask you even before the program is over, "Are you having Dr. Lori back next year?"

She can customize her talks or you can select a program from the following topic areas:

Art, Antiques, and Collectibles
Travel, Souvenirs, and Antiques
Cooking and Antiques
Home Design and Garden
Motivational/Team Building
Continuing Education Programs

Schedule a Dr. Lori Event

Dr. Lori events
Dr. Lori presents her popular Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show around the world at 150 shows a year entertaining audiences. Ask us how to book an event for you.

Dr. Lori's Blog

Dr. Lori reveals insider information and tips about the world of antiques. Subscribe here »
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