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Finding Wealth in Heirlooms for Financial Plans

Thursday June 1, 2017
Wilkes University (map)
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Attend this continuing education class taught by Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori. The class is comprised of two 2 hour sessions each titled: 

From China Cabinet to Financial and Estate Plans: Finding Wealth in Clients’ Collections

Personal Property Appraisals for Alternative Asset Classes: Finding Cash in Family Heirlooms

This is an excellent opportunity for financial advisors, insurance professionals, attorneys, accountants, and other experts in the financial services field to better understand how to identify valuable antiques for their clients. Earn 4 credit hours of continuing education for Certified Financial Planner, CFP® and others for this class. See more about accreditation options and who may be eligible to receive credit. Please verify with provider and your professional association.

Read a detailed course description about session 1.

Read a detailed course description about session 2.

This live seminar is open to anyone of any field or interest level. Register now or call (570) 408-5615.

Show Times: 1 pm
Event Fee: $55 includes 2 two hour classes

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