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Dr. Lori's Antiques Appraisals Event

Tuesday February 18, 2020
CenturyLink Field Event Center (map)
Seattle, WA

Don't miss Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori's last day at the Seattle Home Show in Seattle, WA. Bring your antiques, thrift store finds and family treasures and find out their values. Watch to see what others bring to the shows as Dr. Lori reveals how to spot those valuable prints, jewelry and dishes when shopping for antiques. Plus, tips for flipping those finds for top dollar.

Note: Arrive 30-45 minutes before the show time that you want to attend and sit in the front row at Dr. Lori's stage, holding your item. Items are reviewed on a first come, first served basis starting from the front row of seats. This event allows a chance for free review. All others are $25 per item.

Show Times: 12 pm & 3 pm
Event Fee: 1 free (limited), $25/item others

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3 Ways to Find Valuable Antiques

3 Ways to Find Valuable Antiques

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