Lladra mark

by Dr. Lori Verderame

Lladro figurineLladró was founded in 1953 by the three Lladro brothers: Juan, José, and Vicente. The founders came from an agricultural and farming background and formed the family company in the village of Almácera, Spain, near Valencia. After more than 50 years in business, the Lladro family remains at the helm of the firm.

The unmistakable style of the Lladro figurines relate back to the elongated figures of the Mannerist period in Europe, circa 1515-1600. The Mannerist artists including the famous Spanish master, El Greco produced painted works of art featuring figures with elegant and elongated body forms. Lengthy necklines, expressive arms, and long legs were all typical of the Spanish Mannerist style of art work and this tradition is continued in the sculptural beauty of the collectible Lladro figurines. The figurines are popular subjects like angels, equestrians, society ladies, figures from the Bible, history, and literature, etc.

What to Look For

Lladro markWhen collecting Lladros, look for the distinctive Lladro features and look. Lladro pieces have a distinct form and highly recognizable muted color palatte. In 1971, a logo was created that represented the link between both art and science which is the basis of all Lladró creations in fine porcelain. The logo joined an ancient chemical symbol with a stylized version of a very popular flower from the local region of Valencia, Spain known as the “bellflower”.

This flower is incorporated into the logo as both a tribute to nature, the mother of clay, and to the region of Spain where the Lladró family firm was born. The finishing touch to this corporate logo is the Lladró name printed below the art/science symbol.

Lladro figurines have been widely collected for decades and they are popular in their painted and glazed style as well as their matte style of ceramic presentation.

Keep Lladros free of dirt and dust. Do not use commercial cleaners on Lladro figurines.

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