Red tree by Gregg Smith

by Dr. Lori Verderame

New York Artist

A pioneer in digital design and communication art, Gregg Smith has an extensive history in the visual arts. His paintings developed training at well known American art institutions. Smith’s exhibition record includes many of New York’s premier galleries and his work attracts a loyal following of collectors of his paintings and prints.

The lyrical paintings and works on paper evoke Smith’s interest in the longstanding tradition of American landscape painting. His color palette is reminiscent of the work of modernism’s masters including Derain, Matisse and the American Impressionists. With a consistent approach, his paintings range in subject matter from the placid sunsets of the southwest to heroic skyscrapers of New York City. The compositions capture the allure of landscape that intrigued the Romantics and Impressionists throughout art history.

Smith’s work range from serigraphs to breathtaking oil paintings. Smith’s work as a computer artist had a great impact on his painting. He introduced the visual forms of the technology world into his art from modern art. The results included a body of work that reflected on the history of modern art by applying pounds of paint with heavy-handed artistic prowess.

The luscious colors, strong Red Trees by Gregg Smithforms, and drama of Smith’s work, Red Trees 1993 (color serigraph) and of his paintings are apparent. Smith’s strong exhibition and sales record and the work’s sheer beauty make Smith’s pieces a solid art investment.

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