Judith Leiber animal purse

Taylor Swift’s Birthday Purse is the topic here because I love birthday gifts, purses, and Taylor.

I’ve been known to say amid my close family and friends that I like Taylor Swift’s positivity. During the occasional Kansas City chiefs’ football game that I watch, I have been known to remark that I think it’s great that she is really enjoying and living her best young life. That’s right. I like Taylor. I like her a lot. I think she’s hardworking (an enviable trait at any age), talented, smart, unafraid to share her world with others, loves cats (who doesn’t?), and proud of the simple things in life showing respect for others and loving her parents.

Taylor Swift’s Birthday Purse was not from her boyfriend

Taylor had a well-publicized birthday recently. In fact, everything Taylor does is well-publicized. Sorry, not the point. Taylor’s recent birthday was number 34. She received the perfect gift from the owners of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Hunt family. If you are wondering why this Pennsylvania gal is a big Chiefs fan, it probably has something to do with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, age 33, who is the NFL football team’s impressive tight end. The Hunt family gifted Swift a Judith Leiber bejeweled clutch in the shape of a microphone. I’ve appraised many of these Leiber purses over the years. In the 1990s, they were seen as old fashioned. In the 2000s, Carrie Bradshaw was unimpressed when Big gifted her one on an episode of Sex and the City. Now, they are back in style as they updated the 1960s clutch style purse abundant with jewels.

Taylor Swift’s Birthday Purse is the Bespoke microphone from the line of small-scale and crystal-bejeweled purses by Judith Leiber. These are decorated in silver, gold, or black crystals, has a removable shoulder chain to convert the bag from a clutch, metal hardware, and offers maximum sound quality. Many colored crystals may be selected to customize the microphone clutch to add a first name “Taylor” or boyfriend’s number “87” making the designer clutch personalized. The Judith Leiber microphone clutch retails from its website for $5,995. Perfect gift? stylish and trendy? vintage-inspired design? Yes, yes, and yes.

Does Taylor really need this purse?

So, how does an international pop star’s birthday gift impact you? Do these sparkly purses show up at estate sales, online auction, and thrift shops? Once again, the answer is yes, yes, and yes. Here’s what you need to know about Leiber purses:

Leiber made her mark with her designs for small scale clutch purses

Designs are overwhelmingly abundant, highly decorated, bejeweled

Designs feature everyday items like baseballs, animals, eggs

Designs feature precious metals, crystals, metallic details, and applied ornament

Designer name bags have always been all the rage and Taylor also carried a small Louis Vuitton camera bag and stylish Ralph Lauren cross body bag. Now, Judith Leiber has been added to Taylor’s growing purse and handbag collection.

Judith Leiber animal purse

Leiber attracted sophisticated shoppers and savvy collectors dating back to the 1960s. Judith Leiber was established in 1963 and continues to offer high quality materials and fun and fashionable designs today. An esteemed and iconic American luxury brand, Leiber’s small-scale purses, called minaudieres, are in the permanent collections of the MET and the Smithsonian as well as other museums. Leiber purses have been on the red carpet at Hollywood events and dressed U.S. First Ladies during Presidential Inauguration ceremonies. Judith Leiber is known for their expert craftsmanship, innovative designs, superior quality.

And, Taylor Swift’s Birthday Purse clutch by Judith Leiber will hold its value well on the resale market very well and be worth even more than most collectible purses because it was owned by the pop singing sensation. Provenance or previous ownership lineage counts in the collectibles market. This birthday gift is going to work wonders, not only for the Leiber firm but also for the resellers worldwide. If you were wondering when to sell your vintage Judith Leiber purse, now is the time. And when your vintage Leiber purse sells online for much more than you ever expected, you have Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs to thank. Style on Taylor and Happy Birthday to you, superstar.

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