Play the Treasure Hunt game with Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori by valuing jewelry, dishes, quilts and more. Which is the most valuable? Is it a piece of rare Trifari costume jewelry, a quilt with the Rose of Sharon pattern, an old Pyrex dish, or a vintage cookie jar? Watch so you learn tips to find valuables when shopping at a thrift store. Would you sell these pieces too low? Did you know that costume jewelry is spiking in value? Dr. Lori reveals values and secrets to date pieces by color and how to date by looking at marks. Plus, Dr. Lori shares her favorite movies to watch, what Pyrex used to be called and the stitches to look for when looking at valuable quilts.


Dr. Lori’s segment on ABC TV’s Morning Blend in Tampa, FL starts at the 8:50 minute mark valuing jewelry, dishes, quilts and more. Watch more Dr. Lori videos on her YouTube channel. Send photos of your antique to Dr. Lori to value.