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Read the comments below from people who have attended Dr. Lori's popular art and antique appraisal events.

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What others say about Dr. Lori


Dear Dr. Lori,

You should be a stand up comic, you are sooooo funny and entertaining and knowledgeable !!!!. We enjoyed your show (at the Ft. Wayne Home Show) so much.

Margaret E.

Dear Dr. Lori,

... one of the best all time Show Celebrities...knowledgeable, easy going, lovable, helpful and always giving of herself.

Home Show Producer

Dear Dr. Lori,

First of all, please give Dr. Lori a HUGE hug from me for her radio interview with ... this morning - she nailed it!! She was fantastic and the way she promoted the show and exhibitors, I am so pleased!

Home Show Producer

Dear Dr. Lori

Fourth year seeing Dr Lori, at the "Christmas and Hobby Show" (Indianapolis, IN). She is so interesting, informative while appraising the trash or treasures people bring to the show! (all while being so funny) She taught me that my collections are really clutter LOL. Don't miss out! Take her the things you have you always wanted to know the value of and she will let you know very frankly.

Gary S.

Dr. Lori event

Dear Dr. Lori,

Your What's it Worth? Ask Dr. Lori seminars were a huge hit with our show visitors as exhibited by the large crowds at all of your shows. Entertaining seminars of this kind bring thousands of people to the show.

Gary Zide, Senior Staff VP for Home Shows
Ellen Viehmann, Assistant Staff VP for Show Marketing
Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri

Dear Dr. Lori

We were at the show Friday evening. My son in law, who really didn't want to come loved you and friended you on FB right away. He loved you. in fact we all did!

Renee P 

Dear Dr. Lori

Check out Dr. Lori, she is a riot. She was here a couple weeks ago and her show started at noon. She got there about 11:40 AM and we didn't leave until 2:30 PM. She is so good, smart and fun.

Dear Dr. Lori & Staff,
I would just like you to know that if you ever need a reference, I would be happy to help in any way! (Everyone) was EXCEPTIONAL. Although, with all of Dr. Lori's credentials and the TV exposure, you probably don't need our references. We just think you are TERRIFIC!

Thanks again!
Staff - Financial Planning Associates, LLC

Dear Dr. Lori:

I would like to say "Thank You" for a very entertaining evening.  I had a wonderful time and have heard nothing but RAVE REVIEWS.  Everyone I have spoken with had a wonderful time.

VP, Guild of Ocean Medical Center

Dear Dr. Lori,

Thank you so much for visiting Family Guidance and letting us all know how much our "treasures" are worth. We were very pleased with your enthusiasm and knowledge. In fact, I'm pretty sure we'd like to book another "What's It Worth" event again next year. We will be in touch.

Family Guidance Center

Dear Dr. Lori,

Viewing your illuminated show for the first time. THIS IS WHAT  I CALL ENJOYMENT.


Dr. Lori,

I had the pleasure of attending your event yesterday afternoon (2 Chinese export plates!). I enjoyed it very much, was disappointed I couldn't stay for the entire afternoon (my daughter had lots of homework to do!), and will definitely attend next year! My 13-year-old was hanging on to every word you said--quite an accomplishment! I'll never look at Antique Road Show in the same way again! 


Dear Dr. Lori,

Your program was indeed enjoyable, informative ... and FUN! You are a wealth of knowledge and an interesting woman. I was a guest of a Homestead resident, and he normally falls asleep around 9 PM (no kidding. the place is dark when you drive around there after 9!) but everyone was awake, informed and interested. Thank you so much.

Now ...to check out where we can see you in person again! I shall check your website often. Keep up the good work.


Dear Dr. Lori,

WOW!! What a way to spend a rainy Saturday!!

The session was entertaining, educational and just plain fun. My co-workers and I are planning to attend a future "Ask Dr. Lori" .

Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge in such a delightful way.


Dear Dr. Lori

I LOVE YOU!!! This is Joe Q ... I sat in the front row at your Ashland meeting. By the way, on the front page of the Shamokin "Daily Item" you were standing there holding my picture worth $4,500.00 to $5,000.00.

You made my day... but remember, I said "I loved you"... even before you appraised my picture. Hope you have a "great day" Lori ...you were such fun!


Dear Dr. Lori,

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our viewers on your segments.

We always get phone calls and e-mails looking for your contact information after we air one of your segments.

Producer, ABC WNEP TV 16

Dear Dr. Lori,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Fund Raiser at Faith United Church last Saturday. I was the lady with the gold cameo necklace. I could sit and listen to you all day. It was all so interesting. I hope to see you again in October at the Tyler Memorial Hospital Antique Show in Tunkhannock and I am going to bring three friends. Have a great week. 


Hi Dr. Lori,

Okay, so I'm a procrastinator, but I want to THANK YOU for coming to the Levittown Fire Company on March 19 for your "What's it Worth"! What an informative and fascinating program! 

I recently heard about you from a neighbor of my Mother who collects dolls. She told me your schedule and suggested I take my Mom's doll to your program. Well, I was quite surprised at the $ value you placed on the doll, but even more I thoroughly enjoyed you and your program. 

Even after my doll was appraised, I just couldn't leave -- you are absolutely fascinating! You have sparked an interest in me in antiques and collectibles! You are a delight!

Thank you again and I hope to come to another of your programs soon!


Thanks Dr. Lori - I think YOU'RE a treasure!!!

Warm regards,

Dear Masterpiece Technologies staff,

Please accept our sincere "thank you" for a wonderful program by Dr. Lori on Sunday, October 8th at the Tunkhannock Middle School.  

You have been a pleasure to work with and Dr. Lori provided a very entertaining event for our community. We've received glowing reviews! Thanks again for being a part of such an important fund raiser for our hospital.

Administrative Assistant to the President
Tyler Memorial Hospital

Dear Dr. Lori,

It was a pleasure to meet you and watch you at Herr's. As I watched you, I also watched the audience. You drew such a variety of people. Even more important I noticed that there were several teen-agers there with their parents. 

I was able to bring my son Mike with me. He enjoyed himself (which most teens won't admit to). You have a wonderful gift that you can bring people together. I look forward to watching you on TV - and maybe I can get Mike to join me!

Best wishes,

Dear Dr. Lori,

Thank you for one of the most enjoyable and enlightening evenings I can remember in quite some time. My husband was mesmerized, as I was, by your knowledge and skillful presentation. 

Art history was my favorite college course. It brought together all that I was studying in history, religion, art, geography, English, every subject in fact, and gave me the understanding of the value of my efforts. Not until this course, did I appreciate how everything interrelates and impacts. It was my "ahah" moment! 

We are amazed at your knowledge. Thanks for the information about my Samovar.


Dear Dr. Lori,

We were so pleased to have you here on Saturday. Thank you so much for coming. We had very positive feedback from everyone! Dr Lori was the front page news on Monday.

Take Care,

Dear Dr. Lori,

Hi, I just wanted to say how pleased my husband & I were yesterday at Dr Lori's show in Hazleton, PA. What a brilliant woman, with class, personality & charm! We are looking forward to another show in 2006 in St Clair, PA. Maybe sooner if we can.

If by some chance Dr Lori does personally see this email, I am the Roseville girl. With the fake & the real vase.
Thanks again for a wonderful & informative afternoon.
We will see you again.


Dear Dr. Lori,

What a great time my Mom and I had last night. She really enjoyed it. I am always looking for things to take her to and she is very selective what she attends. She was so glad she went.

You are an excellent teacher! I am in my 34th year of teaching and do all of the professional development for Balanced Literacy in my elementary school so I do know a great teacher when I see one. You are knowledgeable, entertaining, and fast-paced. Your presentation empowered us with information. I loved how you never gave away the value of anything in advance. You would be a great poker player!

Thank you so much and keep up the good work. I was thrilled with your appraisal of my pharmacy scales. I always have felt lucky to own them and now know the value of them (although they are priceless to me). I hope that I can attend another one of your presentations. I will keep watch on the website.


Dear Dr. Lori,

Thank you so much for a terrific and informative appraisal evening. When I told my mom about the Royal Darby centerpiece, worth about $3200, and made around 1890-1895, she was thrilled. You put a smile on our faces, and now we will make sure it stays in the family.

I look forward to your programs on TV.

Thank you.

Dear Dr. Lori,

After attending the "What's It Worth" clinic today in Ashland, PA, I have decided to become a Dr. Lori groupie!

I am completely amazed with her knowledge and her gift for presenting all this information. Although I did not bring anything to be appraised, it has encouraged me to take a closer look at my collections and take the steps needed to have my items appraised and insured - as well as nag my mother to get her Cowden cobalt crock out of the barn! 

I do intend to bring it to be appraised at the Hazleton clinic so she will finally listen to me. Keep up the great work


Dear Dr. Lori,

Oh, yes indeed!! Dr. Lori should appear on future programs - An astonishing women! Those who have not met or heard Dr. Lori speak have missed out!!! I love her!!!! 


Dear Dr. Lori,

... I deeply appreciate the work that you do and I am also impressed with your schedule.  Your expertise is enormously helpful.  It felt so good yesterday to know that many people, especially elderly individuals, will benefit from the appraisals that you gave them.

I look forward to seeing you at a future "What's it Worth?" Collecting antiques and working on several genealogies is a favorite pastime of mine. However, I also teach (first grade) and it is often difficult for me to find time for those things. I am so glad that I took the time to see you yesterday!


Dear Dr. Lori,

Saturday night was great! I heard nothing but positive comments all day Sunday. People loved it and are asking us to do it again and I'm sure we will. 

Thanks for a great event, it all worked out fine and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly! See you next year.


Dear Dr. Lori,

We had a wonderful time on Friday. Everyone was buzzing afterward. There was even talk of awarding me the Peer Recognition Award for this quarter (for inviting you)! Thanks for coming by and informing us. It was a blast!


Dear Dr. Lori,

I can't tell you what a wonderful time I had at Herr's (Snack Factory) listening to your advice and to put it simply...all your smarts on the subject!

You have a great way of working with people and I really enjoyed the evening - much more than I thought I would from watching those other shows on television.

Thank you for giving your time and talents for this program!


Dear Dr. Lori,

I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your class yesterday.  Recently, I was laid-off and feeling pretty down.  I have been trying to fill my hours, while the children are in school, with some sort of enrichment.  Your class did just that.  

It certainly was great to have the creamer be found valuable.  But, had it been a different story, I still would have loved my afternoon. Your sense of humor adds much to the "history" lessons you  presented to us regarding our treasures.  You truly have a gift. 


Dear Dr. Lori,

YES!!!! We certainly learned lots and had a marvelous time. I hope to see you at the Haverford Township Library with one of my daughters who is an Antiques Roadshow Fan. I want her to hear your insight on the show and all your amusing stories. 

I only wish I had the opportunity to be in one of your classes when you were teaching. You are a fascinating woman. Although I had to coax my husband to join me on Tuesday, he thoroughly enjoyed your presentation also.

I will definitely watch your TV shows and explore the website to catch up on previously missed shows.

Thanks you so much for such an enjoyable afternoon.


Dear Dr. Lori,

Yes, yes, yes.
Have spent today singing your praises. Fact, when I saw you were going to be at the Haverford Twp Library in May I quickly signed up and am bringing a friend.

Your knowledge and presentation is outstanding.

Dear Dr. Lori,

Saturday night was delightful as well as educational.

I brought a piano shawl to be evaluated. You asked if it had been in a cedar chest. I said no but remembered after I got home that my mother had had it in a cedar chest before I got it and put it in the wooden drawer. I'm telling everyone who was there Saturday night about my mistake.

Looking forward to another session,


Dear Dr. Lori,

Ben & I cannot tell U how much we enjoyed your presentation. We could have stayed all day to listen. You were informative, delightful & we cannot wait to follow you around Pa., NJ., or wherever.

Last evening, we emailed all of our friends to tell them of the pleasant experience we had. Again, thank you so much. See Ya! 

Francine & Ben

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