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Dr. Lori hosts her popular and entertaining Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show around the world at 150 shows a year. She also presents on a variety of antique-related topics and teaches continuing education classes.

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Holds the Ph.D. in art and antiques history and has decades of museum experience with antiques appraised worth over $100 million.

Presents 150 events every year to audiences for more than 20 years.

Award-winning media personality and expert, author, and internationally syndicated columnist.

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  • Posted on August 07, 2022

    Can’t find that vintage purse online? Having problems shopping when online descriptions are missing details? Learn how to get more bargains, quality items and source more for resell by following these tips to shop for vintage online. Clues about zippers, buttons and questions to ask.

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2 days ago

Dr. Lori

Real Bargains found for only $1. Which one is the most valuable? Watch, take notes and see values at ... See MoreSee Less

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Made in Italy by Gucci

Probably the broach piece but my vote is for the stunning cameo.

I think the cameo broach

Thank you for all the knowledge gained by watching your video! 

I think the cameo broach

Really enjoyed your video. Great way to learn!


Cannot property guess without complete pictures.

I’ll watch the video..… I think the cameo is the most expensive.

Thank you for sharing!!! Cameo

Cameo broach.

I need to get on a video call. I have many things to be looked at. Since you showed a cameo, this was a hand me down from my German inlaws. WGermany on back with c clasp.

Gucci riding crop?


Not sure if that's a shoe horn from Gucci if so I would choose that.

I never guess correctly … lol

The broach set is my guess. Its beautiful!

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3 days ago

Dr. Lori

Do you have prints, Beanie Babies, marbles, #disney collectibles, pearls, china? Watch me provide lists of what to look for as I also answered your questions about violins, old postcards and #jewelry ... See MoreSee Less

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I have an original painting signed by Steve Ross that was owned by my Mom, I cannot find any info about the value. I probably need to send you photos. Thx, you rock Lori!

Have a cameo of a Prussian cat ,round about the size of a half dollar ,14k pin and pendent, with a royal blue 💙 background has it any value other than the gold

Dr. Lori, what should we look for in terms of composition to identify quality studio pottery pieces? I usually go by size, color, the feel, interesting designs and the glaze among other things.

Christmas 🎄 trees ,ceramic with lights are all valuable or just the com. big brand names. For instance handmade, from the 1970s ,gazed and foster tips

Signed and numbered prints were very popular in the 70's Are my 5 year series of Turkey Federation prints increasing in value or is the market flooded

Just received your loop today. Can't wait to get to work researching all my and my mom's and my grandma's costume jewelry!

What can you tell me about the artist L. Sorenson? I have a lithograph that's ben in my family for years.

Do you have a recommendation on where to sell vintage jewelry? I know the places but where do you think is best?

How do you find value on kerosene chandeliers? Is there a good source/book/website to start to identify it first?

I’m going to sit and have good look at how to keep all our thing safe . Thank you for helping .

I made Pluto Walt Disney mold when I was doing ceramics 40 years ago I still have it

I can't fid the donate button on my android

Hello from Spokane. Love learning!!

Omg My mother and I did gravestone rubbing in Boston the 70s we were allowed to do it back then.

What is the accuracy level of the diamond tester

How can you tell the difference from American Turquoise and Persian Turquoise and is one.more valuable?

For ceramics and vases with no marks, how do you know if its old, some ceramics with no marks can be valuable.

Just received the my first copy of your newsletter. FANTASTIC!!

Good morning from Australia

Also would like to know if you have favorite types of items in the uranium glass world.

congratulations Patti Hebert Schwartz

I am enjoying this live chat! I am two days into COVID and this is cheering me up!!!

Heard a lady in an antique store talking about "Otegari" pottery. How is that word spelled?

Where is a good place to look at hallmarks for jewelry makers with image's

I have some Judith Ripka jewelry which app platform for these?

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4 days ago

Dr. Lori

Worst traffic city near you? GO! ... See MoreSee Less

Worst traffic city near you? GO!

Comment on Facebook

I have to say, my top three worst traffic cities are New York, LA, and Atlanta from my experience. I have been a road warrior for work since 1995... I never miss the traffic jams.

Grand Junction Colorado is beginning to look like California, Yikes the Traffic is becoming horrible; please Californians go straight past us and on to Denver!🙏🙏🙏😆

I live in Philadelphia, PA where we have decided to dig up every street all at once!

Uh…any time around St Louis. There are often 4-5 lanes of the interstate and ALL of the lanes are always crazy busy. We’re only passing through on our yearly trip and it’s 30+ miles of full, lane to lane traffic. (And it’s just a small section-the west side from I-70 to the south side-I-55) Ugh! Thank goodness we’re done for the year on that point! 🚙

I don’t even bother visiting San Francisco anymore. The traffic to and from is ridiculous.

We are from Atlanta, so we know about bad traffic , but it we also remember it was bad in Miami and San Francisco.

I'm in a very rural planting and harvest season with big combines in the roadways is always a challenge...then dodging deer during the fall is fun. I'm 1.5 hrs from Atlanta so I do know what a pain "real" traffic is like...LOL

The tunnels of Pittsburgh

Dallas tx ,all our best drag racing even in traffic jams

Seattle. Hands down the worst traffic in the world.

All traffic, But I definitely would never drive again in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷. Love the island, Traffic not so much.

Worst city traffic near me Charlotte NC .. worst I’ve been in Atlanta and DC

Picking up kids at school. That's the worse

The whole SF Bay Area

For us angelino's the 405 freeway 365 days a year is always bad. From 6am to 8pm. If I want to get out of the city I have to leave at 4:30 a.m.🚗🚛🚚🚌🚙🚐

Greenville SC, Atlanta GA and Asheville NC!

Orlando Florida...I4 is the worst

Portland, Maine and a little further down the road, Boston

Dallas TX.. not very “near”.. but it’s awful. I live in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road ☺️

Nashville is ALWAYS under construction.

I hate driving in/around Chicago. Do you have plans to resume road show events anytime soon? Home & Garden Show in Fort Wayne IN '23?

Mexico City. Not near me but the worst traffic situation I have driven in.

Fargo, North Dakota

Albuquerque New Mexico. Bad drivers too.

Birmingham, AL. They drive crazy in that city!

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5 days ago

Dr. Lori

3 things to describe your day. GO! ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Wow what a bunch of busy folks! Love it. Tune in tomorrow night for my live show—taking your questions

Busy day and the Holland tunnel traffic oy vey!

Don't mean to be a Debbie Downer but this is my Day... Just got served eviction notice.. Dead battery in an old car! .. Filled out my 9th Job application and was turned down again 😫 The good thing about my day is that the Lord woke me and my loved ones up!! 😊 Thank you Lord and Lory for a good day!! Love you're videos!!! I've literally watched all your videos and I look forward to seeing new one's!!! 😻

Number 1 Physical therapy and shopping this morning number 2 slice and season 4 large zucchinis and get one batch into the dehydrator for zucchini chips, two more batches in the fridge to dehydrate tomorrow. Number 3 VBS walking tacos on the menu.

Praying the air conditioner can be fixed today, Chinese food dinner with friends, relaxing. I like your day better! You look great Dr Lori!

Laundry and ironing done, cleaning the whole house and had a good chat with my friend

Elvis movie with Alex, Italian dinner, bottle of wine on the front porch with the cats and ducks! Very productive! 😘

Searching Estate Sales, thrift sales and yard sales for the weekend. Cleaning house. Cooking for the family. Just enjoying life.

Coffee, Chemo & Netflix.

Beach, Coconut, Lime Sing It🎶

NYC! My favorite place to visit! Three things: Work, Dinner, FaceBook. sad. 😂

Dentist, Thrift Shopping, Fall Crafting

In so much pain have to have a complete upper and lower GI but because I have Covid I had to wait until this Friday. I did find if I rubb Lidocaine into my back where my stomach is it does help a bit. It was a beautiful day in New York City for August. Enjoy the ride.

Hair looks great, you look great. dealing with taxes, not so fun.

Walk at the ocean have a margarita with my mom having donair

3 dogs and a baby! Watching my sweet 7 month grandson while the parents vacation. They keep sending me fabulous beach pics and I’m changing diapers. Lol

Work, work, work!!!!! I like your day better! Sounds like fun!

Made breakfast omelette, watched favorite movie (Alita-Battle Angel) Out for dinner with neighbor.

Hair cut/style for upcoming wedding. Lunch with daughter, and a stop at Crumble Cookie!

Shopping for a puppy gate, and a new fan bc ours died yesterday, picking up dinner. 🙂

Taxi Mom, working Mom and hope to nap Mom

Dr Appts, 1 & 2 yr Olds, thrifting in between 🌸 You look great!!

Daughters Birthday laundry Thursday Thrift Store

Jigsaw puzzle, fresh corn shopping, dog sitting Love you Dr Lori

Vet appointment, picked up a car full of items at an auction, watching Dr. Lori videos on the couch

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6 days ago

Dr. Lori

Tough choice! They are both called #valentino Choose one! ... See MoreSee Less

Tough choice! They are both called #valentino  Choose one!Image attachment

Comment on Facebook

I’m choosing them Both!! #beaniebabies

I love dogs and bears.

I will take the one on the right.. Worth more than any beanie baby... I have my own special boy...

I would gift the bear to the dog than choose the dog

Puppy, I just lost my puppy. Love your furball as much as you can.

Right one. Looks like my Chusita.

I have a combination of a tiny dog and a huge bear lol

The puppy dog! Not even a real choice! I love doggies!

I'll take the puppy!

I love to snuggle the one who snuggles back. Puppy dogs all the way.

I choose the little pooch, as long as my two spoiled cats give final approval

I love the dog. Looks like some terrier in the puppy? Terriers make wonderful pets ❗💕

The bear is cute but look at that puppy!!! 💕🥰

Love both too but the dog first

Definitely the living,breathing , tail wagging free kisses model.

I’m a animal lover so I choose both❤️🧸🐶

The real Valentino

My pup…

I already have the bear so I’ll take the dog.

The dog, those eyes get me everytime

But wait is the bear worth something ? . I have one of those in my attic .

Valentino on the right !

Well they both look like they need a friend. Choosing the one on the right cuz I need a friend like that. So cute.

no contest... (sorry little bear but youre still loved!)

I'll take the puppy 🐶

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1 week ago

Dr. Lori

Tonight's class sold out ...12 straight!
Taping new Real Bargains videos today. Talked about lunch boxes on CBS 2 TV's Pittsburgh Today Live.
... See MoreSee Less

Tonights class sold out ...12 straight! 
Taping new Real Bargains videos today. Talked about lunch boxes on CBS 2 TVs Pittsburgh Today Live.

Comment on Facebook

Forgot to tell you all that I had a yellow Snoopy lunch box with him sleeping on top of his doghouse.

Such fun this is... back to #school

Should you ever get to visit Columbus,Ga..there is a lunchbox museum !

I have a huge crush on Henry Winkler!!

Mine had Annie Oakley on it.

I watch PTL every morning. Especially Tuesday for your episode.

dr. lori, i watch you every week on channel 17 in phila. just saw u today on LoneFox!! just wanna say I love ya.....👍

I have Peanuts and The Partridge Family. Not the thermos, tho. AND my mom wrote my name on them, lol. ☺️

I had a paper bag LOL

Thank you Dr. Lori. I was surprised at the value of my watch. But thanks to you and your videos I am learning.

Still have mine. Thermos is long gone though.



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1 week ago

Dr. Lori

A few spots left!
Tuesday's class
Get 1 item valued.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Sold out!

Okay i got one for you Lori nobody can figure out I have Touque France pieces

Thats what it says on bottoms

Looking forward to tonight!

Got it! Yay!!

Can't wait to watch.

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1 week ago

Dr. Lori

I am appraising lunchboxes ... which one did you carry to #school ?
#CBS Pittsburgh Today Live
... See MoreSee Less

I am appraising lunchboxes ... which one did you carry to #school ?
#CBS Pittsburgh Today Live

Comment on Facebook

Holly Hobbie! I still have it!

We had good school lunches. Those ladies knew how to cook from scratch. The food was good.

Once I stopped to think about it, I realized I never had a lunchbox! Our elementary school was right across the street from our house, so we came home every day for lunch. Our Dad, however, had a big black round topped one, like this image I found on the internet.

This weekend I saw a partridge family TV lunchbox but it was "display only". It was 3-d and looked like a TV screen!!! way cool!!!

Parents couldn't afford them. Paper bag all week and then threw it away.

I didn't have one, we had excellent lunch at my school. My grown son had a Mickey Mouse and we kept it.

I had to eat school food! That's not a complaint! Those lunch ladies cooked from scratch back then! No lunchbox for me... *sniff*

My mommy got ours from used store. One day someone took my tremulous and I knew I would be in trouble i was. But she went to the used store and got me Dale Evans I still have it today. Love my mommy ❤

Scooby-Doo was on my (now Retro & vintage) lunchbox! ❤️

I know I had one for a few years but can't remember. It would have been early 60's. When we got older we had the choice of buying the hot meal in the cafeteria. Meals were pretty good in those days, lots of carbs. I don't think salads were ever offered. 😁

Holly Hobbie. I loved it to bits because it reminded me of Laura Ingalls Wilder. The Little House books were my absolute favorite!

Mine was the Roy Rogers & Dale Evens lunch box!!

I found this lunchbox at a salvation army give away day when I was a kid with my mom, how I wish id of hung onto to it! But 50.00 was a lot of money to an 8 year old in 1988 lol an older brothers friend talked me out of it

What time Dr. Lori I would love to watch that segment? 

Mine was Walt Disney America on Parade 1976!

I had a strawberry shortcake one, Dr. Lori. Long gone. Would it be very valuable today ?

Now this is a FUN question! The lunchbox I had was the US Mail Lunchbox. My dream lunch box had a game on the back with magnets for pieces. Although I thought it was called "Mystery Date" it is called Campus Queen. My mother always packed a sandwich, a piece of fruit and 3 sandwich cookies. Milk was in the thermos. I was jealous of the hot lunch! Sometimes, we bought a milk for 2 cents.

The Flintstones 😊 I still have the Flinstone plastic mug my dad sent away for when I was a kid too! ❤️

1971 Scooby-Doo 1972 I believe it was Partridge Family crush on David Cassidy at the age of 7😉

I have many from back then. Some with thermos & some not. Where are you appraising them? Please.

I always wanted the Monkees

Zorro my sister got the Barbie. That darn sister again!

the Beatles and Barbie

I can’t stand Barbie but Mom bought me one and I better use it. Lol

We contributed to the scarcity of vintage lunchboxes. School lunch all the way!

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WHAT'S IT WORTH: @DrLoriV is appraising more of your antiques. Play along as @DavidHighfield and @KDKAHeather guess how much they're worth!

David's lunchboxes >>

Back To School: Dr. Lori's lunchbox appraisals

Dr. Lori appraises David's old elementary school lunchboxes.

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Dr. Lori hosts her popular and entertaining Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show around the world at 150 shows a year. She also presents on a variety of antique-related topics and teaches continuing education classes.