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Dr. Lori hosts her popular and entertaining Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show around the world at 150 shows a year. She also presents on a variety of antique-related topics and teaches continuing education classes.

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Holds the Ph.D. in art and antiques history and has decades of museum experience with antiques appraised worth over $100 million.

Presents 150 events every year to audiences for more than 20 years.

Award-winning media personality and expert, author, and internationally syndicated columnist.

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  • Posted on September 15, 2020

    Want to get started selling online? Trying to take your online sales to the next level? Dr. Lori outlines research, category, key word and listing title secrets to help you go from start to sold. Discover how to know what your buyer sees so you can attract more people to your listings. Understand why your piece can sell for more money than others and how you can tweak your listings to get higher values.

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16 hours ago

Dr. Lori

You asked! I answered!! Someone disagreed with me about #ebay, a big loss at a consignment shop, and a bad #estate sale. Watch my answers at ... See MoreSee Less

You asked! I answered!! Someone disagreed with me about #eBay, a big loss at a consignment shop, and a bad #estate sale. Watch my answers at

Comment on Facebook

Great video!

Thank you, Dr. Lori!

Thanks for taking time to answer questions!

Got a question?! Ask

I loved this video! Thanks for all you do, Doc. Ok so here goes. How can we find the best places to market our pieces?

It was very good & helpful!

I love the question and answer videos!

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2 days ago

Dr. Lori

I'll appraise 3 items for $49 on Saturday. Schedule video call now at ... See MoreSee Less

Ill appraise 3 items for $49 on Saturday. Schedule video call now at

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Thank you for the fast response to my appraisal request today my 1888 books.

So much fun chatting with folks in their homes via video calls.

I’m so excited! I booked 2 Saturday sessions, one for tomorrow and one again next weekend! 🤩 I haven’t been able to make it to an event so this is so cool!

Talked to IL, FL, NC, TX, TN, NJ, NY, WA, RI, MA...

Dang, of course I am out of pocket Saturday.

KT Hiestand we still have all of the Star Wars cards. Let’s listen and see!

I had all of those Star War cards! Wish I still had them!

Candy Veth

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3 days ago

Dr. Lori

Native American turquoise—too cool or too much? ... See MoreSee Less

Native American turquoise—too cool or too much?

Comment on Facebook

I like Native American jewelry. As for this pair of earrings, how big are they. Like you, I am an 80s girl. I draw the line at only wanting my 80s body and hair back.


Turquoise is so rich and inviting to me. I may be partial to it, due to it being my Birthstone.

Nice I would wear it. Dr. Lori love your show on PTL

I'd have to pass.

Way too much

They are very nice

I love a nice piece of chunky turquoise as long as the rest of the outfit stays understated. They are beautiful. I saw a couple once at a funeral, yes, funeral with southwestern right down to the boots. Outfits were complete with studded jackets. That's when I realized that too much of a good thing is too much.

Depends on the occasion and the outfit

They look very heavy

Too much!

Very nice.

I love turquoise... turquoise or pearls for me! Never too much for either

Nice not to much


Very cool

Too cool - reminds me of my grandmother. She always had a few turquoise and silver bangle bracelets on her wrists & they made a beautiful tinkle whenever she moved...

Love it


Very nice! I’d prefer them without the three do-dads on the bottom, but still nice.

Very cool! I love everything turquoise. 🐬



Never too cool or too much! 🙈 Hi from Norway ❤️

Way too cool..the color is amazing!

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3 days ago

Dr. Lori

Cooking like exercise can be dangerous! ... See MoreSee Less

Cooking like exercise can be dangerous!

Comment on Facebook

I have2 of these same Ladles. Mine are off white and grey/blue. Old as dirt!

And it would depend on what you are cooking !🤣🤣👍

RIP poor ;adle!

So is dusting. I was dusting the other day and knocked the flatscreen TV off and shattered it. 😥

Oh dear God, not this too😂2020! Hang in here Dr Lori. One of us will replace it for you😃

I have one like that, but unbroken.


OR! Maybe somewhat got swat on the butt!!

wow that was some serious kitchen-ing.

dumpster or no dumpster? LOL 🤔🧐

Yikes! That color though - takes me back. Go avacado!

Growing up spoons were always dangerous! Lol

Keep vintage out of the dishwasher!!!

Darn I hate that. Same happened to me not too long ago which reminds me I was suppose to look on eBay for my replacement 😆

Unfortunate spoon mishap!

Maybe you shouldn’t scoop so hard ... 🤣😳😉

Haha.. yep!

Judging from the stain in the bowl of that spoon, it must have been a favorite. Sorry for your loss...

Lost a spatula this week! Must utensil 🍴 tragedy week! 😢

You need a new spoon😉

Wooden spoons Dr.Lori

I would make a great weapon for our military....I could be the cook. My own siblings only allow me to bring salad to functions. Ok. I can bring bread. I bake a mean loaf. Lol

Always happens with my favorite kitchen tools.


Oh my goodness! This would NEVER happen to me, lolol.

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4 days ago

Dr. Lori

Who watched Dumpster or No Dumpster? using my binge link at Got to save it!
The game featured this fork and spoon.
... See MoreSee Less

Who watched Dumpster or No Dumpster? using my binge link at Got to save it!
The game featured this fork and spoon.

Comment on Facebook

Have this set in silver plate. It also came in sterling. It was from my mother-in-law. She received here's in the late 40's. The serving pieces are hard to come by. No dumpster.

I hav3 this set. And it was mine💕

I have this set in a case, it was my mother’s.

First Love pattern was very popular. Have never seen these two pieces. No dumpster.

They are keepers. No dumpster



I have my mother's baby fork, a treasure.




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5 days ago

Dr. Lori

A fan named Anna sent me "un grande abbraccio da Roma". I am so lucky to have great fans from all over the world. ... See MoreSee Less

A fan named Anna sent me un grande abbraccio da Roma.  I am so lucky to have great fans from all over the world.

Comment on Facebook

We will visit again..... eventually!

from Montreal

So beautiful 😍 I love this place so much sweetie



Do you know what my sweet fan sent me? Any guesses?

Italians are the best. Just saying

I didn’t make it to Rome but I did make it to Sorrento for work. I took a few extra days for sightseeing. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

I am so lucky, I attended a year of school in Rome when I was Eighteen. I’ve also been able to go back for visits with my husband and children.

WAs in Rome at end of Jan 2020 visiting family.

A hug

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6 days ago

Dr. Lori

Dumpster or No Dumpster? Play, share and watch at ... See MoreSee Less

Dumpster or No Dumpster? Play, share and watch at attachmentImage attachment

Comment on Facebook

Have to admit, I watched the video to decide but I was thinking NO DUMP to the map and DUMP to the vase. Had no idea what the duck ring was. Thanks for the info!

Never a dumpster

No Dumpster... all keepers

Not the vase

No dumpster

1. Map, no date? 2. Rattle 3 mccoy. Wouldn't go into my dumpster.

I have my grandfathers rattle.

Ooh, I want the beautiful blue vase!

I would keep all


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6 days ago

Dr. Lori

#RBG ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I agree with Missy


Forget the idiots. Keep sharing.

It's all good! You're so right about this - I hope those collars are saved, displayed, & honored. 💯 No matter what you say or how you say it, you're going to get crybaby pushback. The only way to avoid it is to remain silent, and that's not good either. So, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter" - Dr Seuss ❤️

you just keep right on my sweet lady doing your job as do you the best and don't let all those monkeys upset you, just let em keep swinging their tails as their months know better, you've done no wrong as what I know of you , your a human with a heart and have just as many rights as the monkeys think they do, Your doing great keep right blessing us all with your talents'🇺🇸

I’ve tried to observe them over the years, as a Knitter & crafter I see a lot of crocheted and some may look to be Native American bead work 💗💗💗💗💖 RIP RBG

We love your work and the person that you are, beautiful, smart, funny and a loving soul. Don't ever apologize for that.

I thought it a brilliant idea for her collars to go to a museum!

Didn't see or hear it but I am so sorry you had to go through backlash. This world is crazy anb on fire these day. 🙁

I fully agree RBG's collars should be archived and the Smithsonian would be the perfect place for them. No matter what any individuals opinions are there is no denying that she is of cultural and historical significance. I was fascinated with the article you had posted. I even shared it on my feed. ❤

I did not see it as political at all. I find it strange anyone would. I forgot about trolls. They would turn a cute animal picture into hate. Please don't worry. I want you to heal up and get well again. 💝 You are one of my top favorite people I follow. Take in all the love from your followers and ignore the trolls.

It was a great post! Items of previous generations is what you are about. A very appropriate post.

Just keep being yourself Lori, no apologies needed

You shouldn't have to apologize. I have different beliefs than her but I still admire her and what she has done for women of this country. I would be very interested in learning about her collars and the significance behind them. Keep doing what you do Dr Lori and God Bless

I thought it was a great idea! Let it go..haters goin' hate....

Geez. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Keep up the good work and don’t let any negativity get to you.

I can see that this response by some really got to you, but honestly please try not to own this. You gave us a professional take on important Americana historical items. You weren’t out of your scope.

Dr. Lori, u continue doing ur great work. U should not worry about walking on egg shells, as what u stated was not on the basis of what political party u stood for. What u did was informed us -as u always do- on the history behind it. I enjoy the historian information u bring about objects, the value it has, what the item is made of, what to look for and so much more. I agree those famous collars deserve to be in a museum, it is part of history.

Dr.Lori. it wasn't political. It's historically correct and the right thing to do. Please don't beat yourself up

Loved the article about the collars. Not political - but now historical. This is what you do. History on artifacts and antiques. Thank you for doing what you do!!!!

Your post regarding the collars was exceptionally interesting. I had no idea they had meanings for her. I think the decenting collar was a statement of negativity and she should not have defined it as such. But then that's her right to freedom of speech. She did many positive things for women which I applaud. I did not always agree with her but then that's my right to free speech as well. Dr Lori, thank you for your post.

I am not sure what you political views are. You are entitled to have your point of view. Bottom line you are at the top of the industry and a valuable resource. It is so unfortunate people are so worked up they take every minute opportunity to turn everything to rake some over the coals. You are fantastic!!

Why do we live in a time where we have to constantly feel you have to apologize for what we say what we do get a backbone Dr Lor.

No apology necessary! This is nonsense... being offended is a CHOICE! You did nothing wrong! Last I heard, this is still a free speech country! Love ya Dr. Lori!

It wasn't a political post. Unfortunately someone hijacked it and tried to make it political.

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You asked! I answered!! Disagreements about #eBay, a big loss at a consignment shop, and a bad estate sale. Watch my answers at

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Dr. Lori hosts her popular and entertaining Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show around the world at 150 shows a year. She also presents on a variety of antique-related topics and teaches continuing education classes.