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    Dr. Lori hosts her popular and entertaining Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show around the world at 150 shows a year. She also presents on a variety of antique-related topics and teaches continuing education classes.

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    Holds the Ph.D. in art and antiques history and has decades of museum experience with antiques appraised worth over $100 million.

    Presents 150 events every year to audiences for more than 20 years.

    Award-winning media personality and expert, author, and internationally syndicated columnist.

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    • Posted on August 07, 2022

      Can’t find that vintage purse online? Having problems shopping when online descriptions are missing details? Learn how to get more bargains, quality items and source more for resell by following these tips to shop for vintage online. Clues about zippers, buttons and questions to ask.

      Read More »

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    1 day ago

    Dr. Lori

    Reselling class on Tuesday
    Register before it's too late!
    See my website for details.
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    Hello,🌹🌹 🌹🌹 How are you, sorry to leave this message here in your comment. You don't actually know me, but from the beautiful and amazing looks in your profile, 🌺🌺I like being friends with you, if you don't mind.🌹🌹🌹🌹 I try sending you a friend request but It didn't went through, 🌼🌼so I decided to leave you with a comment asking for permission if you don't mind sending me a friend request so we can be friends here on Facebook..thanks.🌹🌹🌹🌹 stay safe,,

    1 day ago

    Dr. Lori

    Have you heard of Blue Ridge, Staffordshire and Nippon? See what others missed #shopping at the Goodwill #thriftshop in Burnham, PA at
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    Have you heard of Blue Ridge, Staffordshire and Nippon? See what others missed #shopping at the Goodwill #thriftshop in Burnham, PA at

    Comment on Facebook

    I have a couple Blue Ridge platters that belonged to my great great grandmother. I think Blue Ridge pottery was started 4 hours northeast of me in Greene Co., Va. I have a friend who wrote a book on the Blue Ridge Pottery and his collection is out of this world!

    Yes I’ve heard of both

    I had not heard of Blue Ridge. Staffordshire (got a bunch of blue and white transferware at auction this past week) and Nippon for sure.

    There is nothing prettier than an entire table set with different pieces of Blue Ridge! Keep an eye out for the turkey plates! ❤️

    BTW Cupcake Queen the next time you're in Orlando check out Smallcakes on Universal Drive.

    Yes. Probably learned those names on one of your videos. 😊

    Yes. I have sold all of them. Goes in cycles. I have had the Avon Cape Cod go crazy one year then Blue Ridge the next. Fun!


    My grandma had them. I wonder what happened to them 🤔


    Wow. Nice🌿

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    2 days ago

    Dr. Lori

    Taping in Orlando: met new friends, chatted with fans, found cool #thrift stuff
    ... See MoreSee Less

    Comment on Facebook

    WOW I'm just north of Orlando in Sanford. How long are you here for? Where are you shopping??

    Doesn't anybody have events in Northern California have events that they can invite Dr Lori to so I can attend LOL

    You look great in that color of blue!

    That's nice. How much longer are you going to be in Orlando? I looked at your page and I just saw tv shows.

    We have an antique mall in Prattville, Alabama called Prattville Pickers you would like!

    Love it. Is the Marjouline pattern in the 3 quart casserole dish worth more than others?

    I love your facial expressions! You are such a character and add so much to the pictures!!!

    I have to check the calendars for a location near Virginia soon! Dr. Lori, I would love to meet you in person.

    We all love you! Don’t forget come to Vero Beach, Wildwood Antique Mall of Vero Beach!

    You really need to check out World Thrift in Lake Worth , Fl. I think of you every time I’m in there

    When are you coming to Dallas!! We need you here!!!

    Come to Warner Robins Georgia and I have plenty who would love to have out with you...including me! Let's shop!


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    3 days ago

    Dr. Lori

    Taped new #thrift #shopping videos in Orlando, FL today! More finds tomorrow!! ... See MoreSee Less

    Comment on Facebook

    Woot! That's my hood! Thank you!!

    Are you doing a home show in Orlando on Oct 6th.

    You are so adorable!

    I love that you are doing this!!! Bought and sold antiques with my Mom since I was 16. Got out of it after a very successful run at the beginning of eBay. But once a collector always a collector and you definitely have helped me learn more even at!

    I'm so excited that one of my friends introduced me to your youtube channel, your jnsights are so helpful, I've been thrifting since I was little but I've just really gotten into statement pieces and paying more attention to quality and age. I appreciate people like you so much, for sharing your knowledge with all of us. I found this beautiful lamp at our local thrift store and am just absolutely I love with it.

    I was hoping I'd run into you but I'm picking up 3 auctions between yesterday and today

    Love your FB page!

    Oh Dr Lori you're in Orlando? Darn, I'm not far. I would have loved to meet you! Enjoy your treasure hunting!

    I wonder about that Harvest Pyrex casserole at Goodwill you recently said was worth $65. There's no way in hell thats a resellers price. the online vintage market is flooded with many items that are no longer "rare hard to find" since an entire generation passes and their estates are for sale. Heck in my area estate sales can barely give things away...thats how many estate sales we have!!

    Looking good, Dr. Lori

    Looks like you had fun! We went to some awesome estate sales in Orlando today!

    Dr. Lori ROCKS 🎸 😎 ♥

    Wish you could get to the port orange goodwill!!

    So fun thrifting

    Are you at the Russell House Thrift Store?

    Love ya lady 💕🥰

    Nooo! Dr. Lori in Orlando!! My favorite internet personal. Are you still here? Where?

    I grew up in Orlando. I would go thrifting with my mom sometimes and have been thrifting in areas around there with my sister.

    Dr. Lori head over the the East Coast of Florida! Vero Beach and visit Wildwood Antique Mall of Vero Beach! Some of my Friends have Booths there.

    Laura Warkentien

    Cerah Beth 💕

    I scored six beautiful coffee mugs yesterday for $5. Love thrifting.

    You're in Florida! Hot dang!

    Florida is so cool

    Great treasures

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    4 days ago

    Dr. Lori

    Great fun at my #event tonight near Disney! Met Kathy and many devoted fans. Superb #antiques too. #disney #appraisal ... See MoreSee Less

    Comment on Facebook

    My #events at #Disney are the best!

    If I knew I would of tried to be there! Are you doing any others around here? Filming any thrifts?

    Love you Dr . Lori

    Awesome! Wish I could be there!

    Dr Lori is the best person in the world! I love watching you on the morning show with David and Jennifer !

    Dr. Lori my family needs to meet you so they would understand my “collections” 😁

    Look forward to watching it.

    Haven't seen any Real Bargains videos lately. I love those!

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    5 days ago

    Dr. Lori

    Do you collect #starbucks ... See MoreSee Less

    Do you collect #starbucks

    Comment on Facebook

    I’ve collected the ornaments for years!

    My daughter collects some 🙂

    I have a few, and I’ve heard there are ardent collectors out there.

    My great niece collects and has over 200 the last I heard! Her mother and myself are always looking for ones she doesn’t have and wants🤦‍♀️

    NO - HOWEVER - I bought a Starbucks Stoneware mug, with a geometric bottom design and "Italy" on it for $3 dollars at the second hand store. Sold it for $26. I was amazed.

    My daughter does she had to get a separate cart for them 👀 has about 30.

    If I see a Starbucks state coffee cup I’ll buy it second hand.

    I collect the destination series of places I have been to. My husband collects more. We have had to make a shelf over our double windows to display them. And we still have a bunch on the counter and in the cupboard.

    No and I honestly have never been there!

    I don't collect but I have 2 that I love. They have some pretty cool ones. I really like my mermaid cup.

    The older the better for resale. People do collect Starbucks at least in the PNW.

    No, but I love looking at the cups when I'm there! Theres some really cool ones sometimes.


    No not at all..but resell on some the coffee cups can make a nice profit..

    Only if they're on discount...but I drink it 😆 🤣 😂

    No, but should I 🤔😳

    No, but don't drink coffee.

    Sort of... I collect 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘧𝘪𝘵 from Starbucks items! In the first minute I hit any thrift store or yard sale, I 𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘦 to the glassware and look for ALL SBux mugs and tumblers. If older than 2018, it's a high chance of being able to resell for nice profit. SBux resale prices have dropped a little the past 3 years, but there's still a lot of meat on the bones out there.

    No, but we have a ton of it that my son collected.

    I have a few to sell

    No...been once...30 years ago😂

    Only the mermaid cups

    I’ve never even been to a Starbucks. No desire to go.

    I have a mug I found for a couple of dollars. Might be worth something in a few years.

    Only limited ones

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    5 days ago

    Dr. Lori

    Anybody collect #starbucks ?? ... See MoreSee Less

    Anybody collect #starbucks ??

    Comment on Facebook

    Why is there value

    The ones I like are the special editions. Haven’t bought any. Trying not to have personal collections, not sure on reselling.

    I have 4-5! Love the ones I have but I don’t go crazy like some do

    I do! But I’ve had them in my booth over a year they aren’t selling ☹️ I must be doing something wrong

    i pick them up if i find cool ones.

    My daughter-in-law loves their tumblers. She has quite a few!!

    Best coffee cups ever.

    I dont collect but I do have one I hold dear. A clear blue glass coffee cup my daughter and I bought when we traveled to Salem MA. when she was young. It was a great trip, so many memories!

    I love mine.💕

    Should we be collecting them?


    Trying to

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    5 days ago

    Dr. Lori

    So many choices! What’s your favorite #florida or hometown attraction? #travel #disney ... See MoreSee Less

    So many choices! What’s your favorite #florida or hometown attraction? #travel #disney

    Comment on Facebook

    Key West baby! Best burlesque shows and you can't beat a sunset catamaran trip. It was $60 when I was there for my 50th Birthday. They had a live band and open bar and buffet. Best Birthday ever!

    Disney... We are only 2 hours southeast of there so hubby and I try and go a couple times a month. Of course take a break in the summer to avoid kids summer vacations, heat stroke and hurricanes....LOL!! We like to go during the week on our day off.

    Never been to Disney 😒

    Hometown: Mount Dora,Fl. Beautiful small Downtown with lots of shopping and also 4 antique malls. About 1 hour from Orlando.

    Airboat rides!!

    Harrah’s in Cherokee. Lol

    St Augustine definitely!

    Only been to Universal Studios Orlando

    haven't been for decades, but we really did enjoy Disney World. Sea World was fun too.


    Winter Park great shopping Ivanhoe Row in Orlando

    I would love to take my grandchildren to Disney World.

    Come visit Peddlers Village Lahaska PA

    We like Disney and Universal.

    George Eastman house in Rochester NY

    Weeki Wachee and the mermaids!

    Florida they got great fishing

    Kissimmee disney world , universal studios

    The beach!


    This Saturday is Free Museum Day in St. Pete., FL. There are some fabulous museums here. 20 minute drive for us. Going to 2 of them: Imagine Glass & The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art. Salvador Dali Museum is very nice. We were there 2 weeks ago. South of the Skyway (a site in itself) are fantastic shelling opportunities at wonderful beaches. Skyway Bridge at nite. Theme parks all over Orlando area and went many times over the years. I'd pick Disney, Epcot for all the Country exhibits there. See some hilights of the world around the lake and the shows they offer.

    Anna Maria Island😍

    I wish more people would visit the beautiful natural springs, parks, beaches

    I wish more people would visit the natural beauties of Florida…springs, rivers, beaches etc. Disney had plastic tree stumps for trash cans!

    St Augustine

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    5 days ago

    Dr. Lori

    Pouring rain in #Florida—with yummy cobb salad. What’s for dinner? ... See MoreSee Less

    Pouring rain in #Florida—with yummy cobb salad. What’s for dinner?Image attachment

    Comment on Facebook

    Pasta and chickpea salad.😊

    Butternut squash soup (a recipe with a tad bit of peanut butter! yum), lima beans..just because we like them, and small finger sausages. :).

    Thai tonight, with Alex! 😋

    We had steak, sautéed spinach and mashed cauliflower.

    I'm eating a wonderful salad myself. Love it!

    Love Cobb salad minus the egg. 1/2 of a braunsweiger sandwich.

    Baked turkey wrap with provolone and spinach.

    Ham and scallop potatoes

    Pasta with home made pesto.

    We had Eggplant Parmesan 🙂

    We’re going out to get some catfish.

    Omg you're in Florida!

    Where in Fl?

    Love Cobb salad

    I made myself a salad. I put garbanzo beans and Caesar dressing on it. I also put cuc in it .

    I had a grilled chicken wrap from Wendy's because my husband is up north fishing with his cousin and I drove Amish women. One was in the morning and one in the afternoon. Had maybe an hour and 1/2 between drives. But I was also able to get a few things plus both went to different Goodwills.

    We had tiny pork chops with mashed potatoes and peas. My dog ate most of my peas! She’s a MaltiPoo and will be three November 23!

    Now your in my neck of the woods. Tacos tonight. 🌮

    It’s a halibut, shrimp, sea scallops, rice and green salad night at our house✅

    Baked halibut for him, baked pork chop for me, beets and rice for the sides! Enjoy FL!

    Chili with pasta.Do you eT yours with pasta?

    Chicken broccoli cheese pie

    Baked haddock. Yum!

    Pot roast and mashed potatoes! It's chilly here!

    Bundukies--Lithuanian meatballs

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    6 days ago

    Dr. Lori

    Don't go down the wrong path! Hear some of the ridiculous questions about resel#vintagentage and antique objects that I have answered. Watch now at
    it may help!
    ... See MoreSee Less

    Dont go down the wrong path! Hear some of the ridiculous questions about reselling #vintage and antique objects that I have answered. Watch now at
it may help!

    Comment on Facebook


    Dr. Lori Rocks 🎸 😎 ♥ Much love from Texas ♥️🤠

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    Dr. Lori hosts her popular and entertaining Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show around the world at 150 shows a year. She also presents on a variety of antique-related topics and teaches continuing education classes.