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Dr. Lori hosts her popular and entertaining Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show around the world at 150 shows a year. She also presents on a variety of antique-related topics and teaches continuing education classes.

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  • Posted on June 02, 2020

    Trying to sell your stuff for extra money? Are you considering hosting your own estate sale or letting a consignment shop or thrift store help you sell select items? Avoid the pitfalls as Dr. Lori shares real life selling stories as told to her by people just like you who have sold their antiques and collectibles and had bad experiences doing it. You can do it, but be careful. Dr. Lori offers tips to avoid bad situations and offers suggestions on how to sell your stuff online and protect yourself from losing money and getting hurt.

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12 hours ago

Dr. Lori

Got a #ThriftStoreFind that you are curious about? Want to be in a Dr. Lori video? Tell me about it at #thrifting ... See MoreSee Less

Got a #ThriftStoreFind that you are curious about? Want to be in a Dr. Lori video? Tell me about it at #thrifting

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I just sent one in. I hope it comes through.

Show me those vids

22 hours ago

Dr. Lori

From July 13, 1985 #music #concerts
What's it worth?
... See MoreSee Less

From July 13, 1985 #Music #Concerts
Whats it worth?

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10-20,000 for the collector ! Love that mans voice, there will never be another like #freddymercury

The good ole days

At least $4,000














LOVE Queen!

I don't know but I want it!!!

When will the correct answer be revealed ?


And I want it 😍

Alot! Lol Im going to guess upwards of around 10,000

It's not an Original Live Aid poster. It was made to promote the film Bohemian Rhapsody . I'd say not much more than $200 to a Queen collector.

What’s it worth?

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2 days ago

Dr. Lori

Pick the most valuable piece of #jewelry. Watch answer at ... See MoreSee Less

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This is a great post to share.... everybody likes valuable jewelry -- Have your friends play along.


I’ll say the second bracelet in the watch box.

Fish pin!

White gold watch band.

Wow! This one is difficult! Might be garnets, I don’t think that’s a watch, but instead a bracelet and might be sterling with a sapphire and diamond? Platinum ring with nice sized diamond. No on the rest. I’m guessing the platinum ring with diamond.

Fish pin

bracelet that's in the Box or the watch

The ring !!

Bracket with Ruby’s.

Garnets... If set in gold. Or bracelet... Looks like the real deal

I would say the ruby bracelet


It has to be the garnet bracelet. Is that what they are? They look like garnets to me with gold and diamond clasps. Wow! Maybe?

Hung between the ruby red heart braclet. And the watchbox with no watch face showing. The pocket watch is interesting that it has it's winding key. The Cameo braclet looks interesting. But so does the fish. Ok. So I'm going to pick the second picture.

If the ring is platinum I pick it, if not the gold and ruby.

The diamond ring. Or the watch if that sapphire is real.



cameo bracelet

Going for#2!

Sapphire white gold watch. Stunning!!! That's my guess.

Safire and white gold bracelet.

Second bracelet in box.

Ring or Cameo bracelet

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2 days ago

Dr. Lori

Told my client look at the form, it tells everything. There's no stopping you from selling it. Tips on my website, youtube Premiere tonight at 5 pm ... See MoreSee Less

Told my client look at the form, it tells everything. Theres no stopping you from selling it. Tips on my website, youtube Premiere tonight at 5 pm

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So pretty. I've never seen anything like it.

It's beautiful


So beautiful

It's pretty. Is it hand blown?

Very pretty!

Amazing. Was it made in Murano?

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2 days ago

Dr. Lori

Pet day...bunnies as pets? Yes or no. ... See MoreSee Less

Pet day...bunnies as pets? Yes or no.

Comment on Facebook

We don't do pets, knowing the commitment, but if we did, I would like something a little more interactive... dog or cat...

My sister had a bunny for so many years she lost count of how old she was. And they do have personalities. My sister said when her doogos would be into it, she would thump her foot and if they did not stop, she would thump harder, faster, and longer. LOL My daughter has a 9-foot snake who is amazing and trust me, she does have a personality and a nice one at that. I think all living things have personalities and can interact if you pay attention and spend time with them.

Yes, of course. As long as you love it and take care of it well, bunnies make wonderful pets. I have too many other pets or I might have one. They are adorable!

I had two as a kid...Sugar and Pegasus.

Yes! Easy to train to go in a litter box. Just as loyal and loving as a puppy.

No. Too messy.

If people who keep them know them and how to care for them!! But it’s the same with dogs or cats or any animal!!

Definitely yes. We had them as indoor/outdoor. Trained to go to door like a dog.

Yes and you can potty train them🥰my dad raised Flemish giants they were great pets

They can be litter trained and make good pets. You have to keep them away from electrical cords.

They do not do well in cages . They need to be indoors and litter trained

I had a bunny that was house broken and would hop around my house and come over and lick my toes if I was barefoot while watching TV

Raise an animal only if you are committed to the long term care of it.

Sooo darn cute! I've had some rescue baby bunnies, but raised and released. Never had one as a pet and loose in the house.

No would have to allow it to roam dont don’t like caged animals

No more

If it makes you happy.

Find one that doesn’t mind being handled. Those back legs are powerful and hurt with they scratch

no, if it has to live in a little cage its whole life--yes, it it is able to have decent area to live in...

We have this thing about keeping animals as pets who are not meant to be pets, snakes, bunnies, lizards, etc. Let them live a natural life.

good....remove wires a d cords as the will chew on them....

I had pet bunnies as a child. Lots of funny stories- first there was Donny and Marie- turns out Donny was Marie and Marie was Donny...🤦‍♀️

Yes! I had a bunny as my first pet. Now I have 4 Saint Bernards.

Oh yeah!!! Loved my little Oreo bunny. xoxoxo

Beautiful bunny

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3 days ago

Dr. Lori

New YT video shows why sometimes you should buy broken. Would you buy it? ... See MoreSee Less

New YT video shows why sometimes you should buy broken. Would you buy it?

Comment on Facebook

I'll be honest I will not buy anything that even has a little chip in it

Yeah! The one animal directly across from the break reminds me of an ex-hockey player I knew Claude Chartre Pierre...Terri the white part of the head...

YES. Looks like ancient pottery.

Probably, depending on the price. Love the look if it, and am a sucker for old primitive pieces. Anxious to find out it's story!

Yes I would because it looks like a antique piece

Yes, depending on price because it looks ancient.

If it's ancient native American that's a super YES!!! I have a whole collection of Anasazi pot shards that I have picked up while helping dad out on the farm.

Yes I would but then I'd take it home thinking I had a awesome piece that would be enough to move me out of middle of nowhere Alabama, only to find out it was a dreams. It's the road I stay on 😂😂 and the reason why my china cabinet, my secretary with hutch, my bookcase, and 2 shelfs are completely filled up! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

I probably would if it’s an archeological find or something extra rare or one of a kind. 🤓

From 500 AD?

Looks Egyptian to me.

except it's broken..

Yes I would because it looks like something from a long long long time ago

Only if I was out shopping with you


I love it looks Native American. But I would probably leave it.

Looks early Colombian, yes I would

Maybe. I would call Dr Lori (she'd be on retainer) show her & ask her if it's a bargain then negotiate a lower price.

Yes I would buy it.. hv a plate that I just love with a little damage..I bought it like that..I love it worth it to me

Going to be completly honest, no I would not have bought that being broken. Especially with the amount of "old" things that have been / are being reproduced and reintroduced.


I don’t think I would. Should I?

Don't think I would have bought it. Being honest. I simply don't know anything about it broken

Yes I would buy it to add to native American collection. Its interesting even though its broken. Even broken Pieces of native american pottery are valuable aren’t they??

Probably not, but I would keep it if I found it! Looks ancient!!

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4 days ago

Dr. Lori

Share a laugh! Having fun at my event this past February. #funnyvideos ... See MoreSee Less

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Dr Lori Love this, you are so funny!❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣

That had to be Friday night in Fort Wayne, the ONLY night I didn't go. Hilarious! 🤔🤣😂🙃

If only the students could gift that to teachers lol

Julie Edwards. Have you ever seen Dr Lori?

Loved this

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4 days ago

Dr. Lori

Vintage purse: too much bling or not enough for a night out? ... See MoreSee Less

Vintage purse: too much bling or not enough for a night out?

Comment on Facebook

It looks like it should be left displayed in the mantle!

With a simple black dress that would be a statement piece.

It could be like having an emotional support pet with you during your evening out! If it's bling you want, this would certainly fit the bill!

Well, it's not my style but it's probably worth a few $$$. Lot's of bling for sure!

Way too much bling for a purse for me. But I would hang this as a decorative piece.

Oy! My wardrobe shudders with inferiority! That’s a statement piece.

Love it! I was in NYC and saw a $3000 ram head purse. I asked to just hold it for a minute and I felt like a princess. I would rock this!

Very beautiful but definitely not my Style

A good amount ... lol ...


Wow! So pretty!

Wow. It's beautiful! ❤

Wow, that's...ummm...fancy.

Not to carry ,would like better if it had a shoulder strap and wear it that way

This would be perfect for a special occasion

All depends upon how formal the night out is!! If it was a night at Buckingham Palace I would this it would be much for the expected decorum. But.....a formal black tie Hollywood benefit by all means this could ring true!! 😂

With the right outfit, ...

It's beautiful! I'd forget it on a table.

Not my style..

Live is short ! Wear out all the things you love ❤️. Going to pick up groceries just grab this and your mask and go

Sorry, but I find this rather grotesque.

I can imagine that hanging in a temple somewhere in the far east ...full of some rare incense or herbs or maybe a relic of some sort 🧐

Not my thing. Too much!

Wow. You gotta know who you are to carry that purse.

Theres only 2 ways this purse works. Either if you're wearing an ethereal Indian sari or completely punked out..ripped jeans..worn leather jacket..mohawk..elephant head purse. Lol

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5 days ago

Dr. Lori

(theme music) Play another round of Dumpster or No Dumpster? at Which to toss? Which to keep? #gaming #games ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Keep Mickey, dumpster the remainder.

Well first we keep the Disney piece for sure! Keep the cup and saucer And I think the other 2 gotta go! The amberina Fenton is probably close, but no its dumpster! So is the sailboat!

Great job Dr Lori

Keep all

Keep all of them!

Keep the Mickey, the blue cup set and the sailboat. The bathtub is probably dumpster.

Trash all but radio

No dumpster for any of them!!

Keep Mickey and the carnival glass

Nothing..hoarder in the house

Keep all!

Packrat here, so I'm keeping them all. Hahahaaa!

Keep 1 & 2; push aside 3 & 4!!

keep 2 & 4

Guess b4 watching the video.. Red Slipper.

Got them all right this time, 1 out of ???? Clips 😆

Oh definitely keep them all. 😃

Keep them all. Lol

I like the name of this round “Dumpster Or No Dumpster”. I politely request the next round be “Love It Or Chuck It.” 🤓 or has that been done before?

Keep all but the Brooch.

Mustache cup and saucer top and glass shoe bottom price

toss the brooch

Never throw Mickey away.

Keep the brooch. Most valuable

I’d keep everything but the dishes.

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Dr. Lori hosts her popular and entertaining Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show around the world at 150 shows a year. She also presents on a variety of antique-related topics and teaches continuing education classes.