Which toys, crackle glass, jewelry and dishes are valuable? Play Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori’s Treasure Hunt game, share your best loved toy growing up, and find out Dr. Lori’s preferred game. Pick the most valuable antique and collectible. Is it an Italian carved cameo piece of jewelry with seed pearls, a blue and white Canton ware porcelain plate, a small green pitcher made of crackle glass or an antique roll of toilet paper. Treasure Hunt game with toys, crackle glass, jewelry and dishes starts at 9:50 minutes. Plus, learn about the history of the first Monopoly game and the values of old board games during Dr. Lori’s appearance on ABC TV’s Morning Blend in Tampa, FL. Play along and watch on Facebook Live Tuesdays at 11 am eastern.


Watch thrifting and flipping tips from Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori. See her reveal how you can buy low and sell high to make the most money when selling antiques and vintage items. Find deals thrift store shopping. Dr. Lori also points out overlooked pieces including an example of costume jewelry and possible locations of where to sell it online. Don’t miss the brands to find, how to repurpose jewelry and values for popular old toys when thrifting and flipping. Dr. Lori also discusses military and edged weapons and values for old telephones. Don’t miss an interesting estate sale find and see why Dr. Lori wears gloves. All during her appearance on NBC KING 5 TV’s New Day Northwest in Seattle, WA.

Star Wars, jewelry, glass, or ceramics? Can you pick the most valuable antique or collectible? Watch Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori during her appearance on WPHL 17’s Morning News in Philadelphia, PA revealing secrets about how to find valuables at thrift stores. Learn the tips to spot that treasure in your attic or basement. Play Dr. Lori’s popular Treasure Hunt game along with the Morning News host as a Star Wars figurine, an Art Deco pin and earring set, a piece of milk glass and a hand painted ceramic are valued. Send photos of your collectible Star Wars, jewelry, glass, or ceramic for Dr. Lori to value. Watch more videos on Dr. Lori’s YouTube channel.

Fun. Watch Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori identify and value antiques and vintage items live on the remote set of CBS TV’s Pittsburgh Today Live in Pittsburgh, PA. See how to spot a fake painting not in a frame using a loupe or magnifying glass. Great to know for your next thrift store or estate sale shopping trip. Discover values for jewelry with seed pearls and how to date aquamarine jewelry pieces based on their cut. Plus, values for costume jewelry pocket watches, and rings that will shock you. Don’t throw these pieces away. You will also be surprised to learn something about Dr. Lori that has nothing to do with antiques as told by the hosts of Pittsburgh Today Live.

Viewers sent in photos of their estate sale finds, an Art Deco framed poster, 1920s furniture, gold and coral jewelry, a Satsuma vase, an old Kodak Brownie camera and other questions to Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori. Watch her show you how to identify and value these items providing tips to sell pieces for their highest values. Learn when to buy other antiques at low prices to get bargains. Plus, discover when and why a coral piece of jewelry was worn and what mark not to miss when shopping at that estate sale or thrift store. All this and more during Dr. Lori’s appearance on WPHL 17’s Morning News in Philadelphia, PA.