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Dr. Lori Explains Her Online Appraisals

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Dr. Lori Ph.D Antiques Appraiser

Ph.D. Expertise and Actual Sales Record(s) Help You Sell Your Item

Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori has more than two decades of experience as an expert art and antiques appraiser, museum director, curator, and university professor with a Ph.D. in the field of art and antiques. Dr. Lori is NOT a dealer interested in buying your item cheaply under the guise of an appraiser. Dr. Lori provides accurate identifications and values–not guesses–based on her expertise and she does it in writing.


“Bought a President Harrison Breakfast Plate for $1.00… Dr Lori did an appraisal for me. Sold my plate for $1025.00!!! Yeah me and Dr Lori!!”

Dr. Lori’s Online Appraisals include actual sales record(s) with selling prices and it shows you actual places where similar objects sold. Many people use this important sales record information to help them sell their antiques.

The Online Appraisal report includes:

  • Artist/Maker
  • Title
  • Medium/Materials
  • Date/Time period
  • Description/Identification
  • Condition
  • Dimensions/Size
  • Expert Evaluation
  • Comparable Sales Record
  • Current Retail Appraised Value

Online Appraisal Process

After completing the form below for an online appraisal or research information, we will provide you with instructions for submitting images.

Note: There is a $59 fee for each Online Appraisal report as you will receive Dr. Lori’s expert review and evaluation in writing. After reviewing your Online Appraisal form, we will email you information about how to submit payment.

Your completion of this form serves as confirmation that you have agreed to the Online Appraisal terms.

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