Submitting Photos

You may use cameras on your cell phone, tablet, or personal computer’s webcam. They are all acceptable methods. Of course, any digital camera will work too.

Many devices such as cell phones, tablets, personal computers, etc. allow you to select the size of the file before you email it. Most will even prompt you to reduce the file size before you hit ‘Send’.

If you are using a personal computer, try right-clicking on the photo file with the mouse and then selecting the ‘Email’ or ‘Sent to’ feature. You will most likely be prompted to select a smaller file version of the photograph that is acceptable for our review. We do not need large files and it only slows the Online Appraisal review process. Try keeping the size of the file to 800 pixels across or under 0.5 MB in size.

You can also try opening your photo in your computer’s image editing program (“Microsoft Office Picture Manager”, “Imaging for Windows”, “Photoshop”, “PhotoDraw”, “Paint Shop Pro”, etc.). Then, use a resize, resample or rescale menu command to reduce the size of the image’s width or height (in pixels, inches, percent, etc.). Also, when saving the file as a “.jpeg”, select a smaller file size or lower quality when prompted or use an options menu during the save file process when provided. Remember too that the resolution for the images should be between 72-96 dpi, not 300 dpi.

You may take previously shot photographs or prints to many camera shops, major pharmacy and grocery stores where you can use a scanner in their stores to place the images onto a portable memory device or have them uploaded to a server where you can access them. Usually the staff at these stores are more than willing to help you with this process.

You may also consider taking a photograph of the photo using your cell phone, tablet, or digital camera.

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