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Get your antiques appraised by Dr. Lori as you vacation on a cruise ship! Have fun and laugh with Dr. Lori! Meet other Dr. Lori groupies who love art and antiques just like you do! Best of all, eat chocolate with Dr. Lori!! Dr. Lori will go in-depth about your art, antiques and collectibles as part of special art and antiques seminars. You’ll also have the chance to chat with Dr. Lori on board.

Attend antiques seminars by Dr. Lori

Receive appraisal of your antiques onboard

Shipboard meals, accommodations, entertainment

Meet other Dr. Lori fans who like antiques


Dr. Lori says, “Bring your friends, family, co-workers, and even your spouse on this special antiques cruise. Everyone will laugh and have fun as we all gain 10 pounds eating chocolate, sitting by the pool and supporting the casino. Just like on land, I will not hesitate to tell you the truth about your antiques.”


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