Top 3 Hot Collectibles

Everybody asks me, What’s hot? What are today’s most popular antiques and collectibles? Most people know that mid-century modern furniture-Eames chairs, Bertoia sculptures, Nelson clocks–is highly sought after and valuable. This ergonomically correct comfortable furniture in new age materials from the 1950s and 1960s is all the rage.

You must know that record players, turn tables, and vintage vinyl records are still bringing high prices with buyers and sellers alike. First introduced in 1948 to overtake shellac wax discs of the early 1900s, vinyl records are trending with everybody from baby boomers to millennials. But what other hot collectibles are overlooked? I am sharing here the inside scoop on today’s hottest pieces. Here are today’s Top 3 Hot Collectibles:

1. World War I memorabilia

Want to cash in? Then go digging in the trenches for antiques and collectibles from the Great War. Objects and memorabilia from World War I are at the height of their popularity as they reach their 100th anniversary (1914-1918) now. Look for unusual objects in good condition that were used during the war like daggers, pickelhaube helmets with the Prussian Imperial eagle emblem, and military swords knowing how to spot a valuable sword. The value for this World War I memorabilia is soaring into the 10,000 to 50,000 dollars depending on several factors. Also, look for examples of brass trench art, brochures, pamphlets, and Red cross prints made and used during the Great War years. Use my tips on how to identify valuable prints as a guide.

2. Bakelite pins

Bakelite pin

While all types of costume jewelry command high prices today including pieces with these marks, there is nothing more desirable than the king of modern plastics formed into necklaces, bracelets, and pins. Bakelite, the colorful, cheap, and non-flammable invention of Belgian-American chemist Leo Baekeland (1863-1944) is still the cat’s meow with collectors. Introduced in 1907, Bakelite jewelry came of age in the 1930s and 1940s. Rare and unusual pins in many forms like animals, creatures, and birds, are now attracting collectors in big numbers. These figural pins of Bakelite are worth 100 to 500 dollars.

3. Travel posters

Travel posters featuring historic sites like Pompeii, fabulous cities like Monte Carlo, and quiet getaways like the Poconos are all the rage right now. Do you know how to tell a print from a poster? Popular with collectors are cruise line posters featuring ocean liners and coastal maps from Cunard, Holland America, and other well known lines. Likewise, railway and railroad posters advertising famous routes, new locomotives, and regional lines like the B & O, the 20th Century Limited, and the New York/New Haven line are bringing in big bucks from seasoned collectors. Look for travel posters of thick paper, like quality prints, bright colors, Art Deco and Art Nouveau designs, and no creases, folds or stains. Know how to spot Art Deco and Art Nouveau pieces. Good examples are worth 3000 to 5000 dollars regularly.

Do you have a how do I spot a hot collectibles question? Don’t forget to share this tips with friends who flea market shop.

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