Olympic Collectibles Tips

For centuries, the Olympics Games have taught us about great athletes and sportsmanship. Now, I’m going to reveal what to buy and sell from the Olympics for future gain.

1. Pins and Ticket Stubs

Izzy pin

No pain, no gain. If you only invest a little bit of money into an Olympic collectible–in the form of a ticket stub or collectible pin–then you will only get a small amount in return. That being said, I have valued some pins for 175 dollars. So know the difference between collectible and valuable. Also, don’t waste your money on Olympic related items that are part of a fast food restaurant meal. Olympic games programs can be valuable. Watch me identify and value a pair of Olympic game programs.

2. Big Name Athletes

Collect the objects associated with big name athletes and celebrities. For instance, the object that you acquired from Michael Phelps in Beijing in 2008 is worth a lot more money than the value of that puck you got from a member of the Jamaica ice hockey team in Vancouver 2010.

3. Unusual Items

Don’t overlook unusual objects that are special only to a particular Olympic games like mascot memorabilia– Izzy (1996 Atlanta), Misha the bear (1980 Moscow), Cobi the dog (1992 Barcelona), Athena (Athens 2004), and Wenlock and Mandeville (2012 London).

I have appraised many Olympic memorabilia items over the years and I can appraise yours too at my events or if you submit photos. I have been lucky to review two of the torches the runners use to transport the Olympic flame. Use and share these tips to win gold with your Olympic collectible.

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