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Do you have an entire house full of items?

Dr. Lori will come to you. She visits your home (parent's home, grandmother's estate, storage locker, yard sale, etc.) providing verbal appraisals for art, antiques, collectibles, and family heirlooms so you can determine what is trash and what is treasure! Dr. Lori helps you declutter and organize.  Learn why you need a verbal appraisal. 

Dr. Lori explains her In-Home Appraisals

Answers your questions including how to get her to visit your home.

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Watch Dr. Lori conduct an In-Home Verbal Appraisal. 

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"Just wanted to let you know, we had a great visit with Dr. Lori and very much enjoyed talking with her and learning more about the things she appraised."
- Bob and Elisabeth W.

"...You were informative and really nice. Come back to Florida!"
- Linda K

"I loved when you visited my house!"
- Dawnelle A

Seniors and their children call on Dr. Lori when families are downsizing to smaller houses or retirement homes. Families and lawyers contact Dr. Lori BEFORE the auctioneers, antique dealers, or other appraisers enter the estate since unlike the rest Dr. Lori does not have an interest in buying your family heirlooms at a low price for her financial gain. For decades, the families of antiques dealers, auctioneers, and appraisers have called Dr. Lori in to accurately appraise their own items.

In Dr. Lori's opinion, appraisers should not also be dealers, auctioneers, or resellers since this is a major conflict of interest--not in your favor! Dr. Lori encourages family members to be present during Dr. Lori’s verbal appraisal visits. Compare Dr. Lori with other art and antique appraisers and you decide.

Dr. Lori’s In-Home Verbal Appraisals have been helping families since 1998. Dr. Lori's In-Home Verbal Appraisals start at $500/hr. Most In-Home Verbal Appraisal visits take no more than 1 hour. Do you have more than a few items, but not quite a house full of items? Dr. Lori lets you join together with friends and family members for an In-Home Verbal Appraisal visit and share the cost with your loved ones.

Contact us now to get placed onto Dr. Lori's In-Home Verbal Appraisal appointment schedule.

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Dr. Lori presents her popular Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show around the world at 150 shows a year entertaining audiences. Ask us how to book an event for you.

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