Halloween paddle

When it comes to Halloween antiques and collectibles, there are three main categories that repeatedly sell for the most money. Do you have one of these? Don’t pass over one when you are shopping at your next yard sale or flea market.

1. Halloween Movie Posters

There is nothing like a scary movie to get you into the mood for Halloween like the classics Scream, Frankenstein, Child’s Play, Psycho, and Carrie. While lots of movies are scary, one of the most popular Halloween movies is the cult classic, Halloween. John Carpenter’s 1979 movie poster from Halloween is not only a tried and true scary Halloween collectible but now people pay 1,500 dollars for it. Vintage posters are marked with information about the printer and the movie release date … look for both when you are considering adding one of these to your collection or selling them. Read how to spot a valuable poster.

2. Costumes

Scary costumes are part of the Halloween holiday to ward off evil spirits. Some of the circa late 1950s-1960s boxed costumes with plastic masks featuring witches, astronauts, and cartoon characters are now worth 50 dollars each. Many of the most sought after Halloween costumes of that period were made by Collegeville costumes and Dessart masquerade costumes and sold throughout the United States. Costumes must not be cracked from exposure in hot attics or damp basements. The original boxes that costumes came in are important to save because they show the cultural significance of that particular costume … political figure, popular celebrity, Halloween character, etc.

Halloween noisemaker

Other costume accessories and party favors in the Halloween theme also sell for much more than when they were new. Costume accessories like lithographic tin noisemakers and decorative tambourines command between 50 to 150 dollars. Read more about valuable mid-20th Century collectibles.

3. Candy Containers

When starting a candy container collection, look for good quality glass or metal in the shape of a Halloween figure–witch, ghost, goblin, pumpkin, spider–made in a mold. Not sure if a mold was used for your piece? Ask for my review. Other choice candy containers come in the shape of Halloween figures in plastic or resin. German made pumpkins made of papier mache are some of the most expensive candy containers from the 1930s and 1940s. These feature brightly colored orange jack-o-lantern faces with the ever-so-important handle intact for carrying candy. Such papier mache pumpkin candy containers bring 250 dollars each. Likewise, chocolate candy molds shaped like bats, spiders, and other creepy crawly creatures range from 75 to 175 dollars each at Halloween.

Remember, Halloween like all other holidays see the interest in themed collectibles rise about two weeks prior to the actual date of the holiday (October 31) which impacts value. If you are thinking of selling your Halloween items, that is your window for the best opportunity to command the highest price. Read my tips on how to sell at online auctions.

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