Dr. Lori Event FAQs

Dr. Lori entertaining the crowd

For Event Planners:

How to Host a Dr. Lori Event

Dr. Lori answers the FAQs about scheduling, setup, and how her staff helps you present a successful event.

Why host Dr. Lori?

1. Does your business or company need to create excitement and sales by getting potential customers to attend ...

"It was a fantastic event. Our clients were delighted with the evening. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but Dr. Lori is really and truly doing what she should be doing. She’s awesome.”
- Financial Advisor Group

... one of the best all time Show Celebrities...knowledgeable, easy going, lovable, helpful and always giving of herself.
- Home Show Producer

- your next seminar or conference?
- Home & Garden show?
- Women's Expo?
- a special event?
- an advertised sale? 
- an introduction to your products and services?
2. Does your workplace or corporation need ...

- a fun client appreciation event?
- an employee lunch or lecture series?
- a party for your retirees group? 
- a holiday program for all employees?
- a Motivational/Team building seminar
3. Does your church, fire company, arts council, festival, library, hospital, school, social group, or charity need ...

- a successful fundraiser?
- a fun community event?
- a public or member educational program?

Companies like Morgan Stanley, ReMax, Comcast, Herr’s Snack Foods Company, ABC TV, AHL Hershey Bears Professional Hockey Club, Reading Phillies Baseball Club, Celebrity Cruises, and many other businesses have hosted Dr. Lori's events as a fun attraction to create awareness for their products and services or to bring a great event to their clients, employees, and the public.

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What dates are available?

Weekends, weekdays, mornings, afternoons, and evenings are all available. After you suggest some dates, we coordinate your request with Dr. Lori's current availability. A deposit from your group or business then reserves the event date and time.

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 with your Dr. Lori event dates now.

Where does Dr. Lori travel for events?

Dr. Lori presents events at locations throughout the entire United States, North America, and abroad.

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What does my group or business do?

1. Provide a location for the event.
2. Stage set with 3-4 six to eight foot long tables, seating for audience, wireless handheld mic for audience, and a P.A. system with a wireless lapel or headset microphone for Dr. Lori.
3. Use the advertising and marketing materials and expert guidance that we provide to invite and attract attendees to your event. We have experience conducting approximately 150 Dr. Lori events every year for groups and businesses! Our staff knows how to make your event a success!
4. To reserve an event date, a non-refundable deposit is required. Contact us for current event fees.

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What is included in the event package?

1. Advertising and promotion of your event on our website, social media, and in our printed press materials.
2. Dr. Lori presents a wildly funny, one-of-a-kind, entertaining event. She appraises attendee's objects as she entertains and educates the crowd.
3. Materials and experience to help your group promote Dr. Lori's appearance and to help obtain possible event sponsors, if needed.
4. Your group keeps all fees (if any) charged to the people attending your event.
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Why Dr. Lori?


Honest, Accurate and Hilarious!

You will laugh out loud and learn about your antiques during Dr. Lori's events.


Established reputation and a Ph.D Antiques Appraiser and an internationally known TV personality.

As the star antiques appraiser on the History channel's hit TV show The Curse of Oak Island and Discovery channel’s hit TV show, Auction Kings, Dr. Lori presents 150 antiques appraisal events every year. She has appeared on Anderson Cooper's talk show Anderson LIVE, Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, NBC TV's The Tonight Show, Inside Edition, and Lifetime Television. Dr. Lori Verderame is an internationally syndicated columnist whose column is carried in 400+ publications around the world and an award-winning TV expert.



Dr. Lori conducts approximately 150 events a year and reviews 20,000 objects a year.



Dr. Lori is not an antiques dealer, not a reseller of antiques, not affiliated with an auction house, and unlike other appraisers does not offer low-ball values or lower than market purchase offers for objects at  her events. She provides only accurate appraisal values and identifications.

Many appraisers are also dealers and resellers who host events to build their inventory. They are only doing appraisals to get objects to sell at their auctions or in their antiques dealerships. This practice can cause a problem with the people who bring objects to them for an appraisal. Dr. Lori's conducts events to have fun and to provide accurate and honest information to audiences, not to purchase objects.



Ph.D. in art history/antiques from Penn State University, expert art and antiques appraiser, experience in major museums including the Yale University Art Gallery, Allentown Art Museum, and Penn State's Palmer Museum of Art.  Dr. Lori is a former university professor who held faculty posts at Penn State University, SUNY, Southern Connecticut State University, Albertus Magnus College, and Muhlenberg College. Learn more about Dr. Lori.



Read some testimonials of what others have said after attending one of Dr. Lori's events. Many hosts request to book Dr. Lori’s next event before the first event is even over!

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Dr. Lori presents her popular Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show around the world at 150 shows a year entertaining audiences. Ask us how to book an event for you.

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