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I help both buyers and sellers of antiques and collectibles using my experience, education and by sharing the stories I hear from people like you at my events, during my in home appraisal visits and on my video call appraisals. If you are trying to sell your antiques, use these three guidelines below to protect yourself and to make sure you don’t become a victim and lose money when selling.

1. Don’t Reveal This

You should always be honest and represent the antique or collectible that you are selling as accurately as possible. My online appraisal reports can help you do this, but there is no need to reveal the personal reasons of why you are selling your Thonet furniture. If you do, you are providing insights to potential buyers reducing your negotiating power and your ability to command top dollar. Telling them you are desperate or that you have to sell before you move next month is not going to help you get more money. Read two other things you should not do when selling antiques.

2. Don’t Believe It

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Selling your antiques, collectibles, or oil lamps makes many people uncomfortable. For example, trying to sell your antique quilts to people who do this every day or those who collect the same type of holiday nutcrackers that you are trying to sell can rattle your confidence. Most collectors and antiques resellers are honest, trustworthy people, but don’t be surprised when some of these folks confront you by telling you that your item is not valuable when, in fact, they know it’s actually very valuable. Some will even tell you to throw your antique in the trash as you leave their shop trying to convince you that your item is worthless. It happens. People like you tell me the stories and I get angry hate mail when I repeat it to try to help you. Don’t fall for this trap by selling your wicker furniture or antique for less than what it is really worth.

3. Don’t Advertise

Of course you have to advertise when selling your stuff, but do not advertise your home address where the valuable items for sale like pedal cars or slot machines are located. We are all worried about identify theft, but you are setting yourself up for property theft. Don’t believe it? I hear the stories at my events about unannounced moving vans pulling up to homes when owners are away or yard sale buyers casing your home when they use your bathroom during your yard sale only to return later when you are not home to rob the place.

If you are just getting started selling antiques or it is a one-time experience after a family member has passed, keep in mind these points as a guide. I have more helpful selling tips in other blog posts.