Antique Kennedy salt and pepper shakers

Anniversaries are important when it comes to the buying and selling of collectibles. The three most common JFK collectibles are listed below.

The anniversary on November 22 of the tragic death of President John F. Kennedy offers a lesson to those who collect anything. While items relating to the 1960 Presidential campaign or personal effects of the Kennedy family are among the most highly sought after pieces at the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 2013 however, no matter what you collect, anniversaries increase market awareness and value. Have you noticed all the JFK TV specials? So, if you are selling any item, do so at anniversary time.
JFK Salt & Pepper shakers
The three most common Kennedy collectibles are:

1. John F. Kennedy record album

This memorial record album chronicled many of his famous speeches on vinyl. The record album in its original jacket is worth $55.

2. Campaign memorabilia

Examples include posters that read “Kennedy for President: Leadership for the ’60s” ($300), pins that say “Kennedy’s White but he’s Alright” ($30) or the Kennedy/Johnson promotional campaign cigarette lighters which were distributed at fundraisers on the campaign trail ($400).

3. Jackie Kennedy head vase

Made of earthenware ceramic featuring the First Lady’s famous head and shoulders is worth $200-$400.

If you have a Kennedy collectible and you would like to sell it, you can command a high price around November 22, 2013 which is the date of the 50th anniversary of the President’s assassination. If you are in the market to buy Kennedy collectibles, wait until after the anniversary date to find a bargain.

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