dont host yard sale

Do you want to get top dollar for your objects? It will never happen at a yard sale. Dr. Lori highlights the reasons why selling at a yard sale is just plain stupid in her upcoming Don’t Host a Yard Sale (TM) book.

Here are some topics she’ll cover ….

Don’t allow early birds

When you host a yard sale, you will hear an early morning knock at your door from a professional antiques reseller who wants first pick at what you think is junk. Then, already tired from moving boxes onto the lawn late the night before, you will fight with this dealer to pay you a quarter for that ugly 1950s hula girl lamp.  He knows that he’ll turn around and sell that ugly hula girl lamp for $450 (yes, that’s what people really pay!). Do you think that is fair? You might as well save yourself the time and aggravation of hosting a yard sale and just put all of the clutter from your attic right out onto the curb. Read this book so you don’t host a yard sale and unknowingly sell a $450 lamp for a quarter.

Don’t believe your trash is somebody’s treasure

How does Dr. Lori know? From Dr. Lori’s evaluations of over 20,000 objects a year, her hundreds of antique appraisal events around the world, and her actual yard sale visits to help hosts avoid a major loss, she sees the mistakes yard sale hosts make all the time. Dr. Lori sees the money that antiques resellers have made from what you unknowingly think is just ugly trash. Dr. Lori advises that you don’t buy into that phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Your “trash” can be your “treasure” and it can bring YOU big money instead of someone else!

Don’t think this book won’t cause controversy

Dr. Lori’s gets Hate Mail from many antique resellers who profit from yard sale hosts’ mistakes and ignorance, but despite the controversy, Dr. Lori will continue to reveal the truth about what’s happening at American yard sales. She is not going to tell you the same old typical stuff that other so-called “experts” might tell you because many of them want to find bargains at your yard sales for themselves at your expense. Dr. Lori wants to you to use her expertise to help you!

Read this book to learn how to avoid mistakes when selling your antiques, collectibles, and those items that you incorrectly identify as ugly junk.

Don’t read the horror stories if you have a weak stomach

Don’t listen to that “know it all” brother in law or spouse in your life who hasn’t read Dr. Lori’s book, hasn’t attended one of Dr. Lori’s events, or hasn’t seen Dr. Lori on TV showing you the real deal as to why you shouldn’t host a yard sale. Buy Dr. Lori’s book and show them one of the real life horror stories that is outlined including the yard sale shoppers who case your home in preparation for a future burglary, or those “shoppers” who are just there to distract you so they can actually steal valuables from your front lawn. By highlighting the yard sale mistakes of other yard sale hosts across the country who Dr. Lori has met personally, you will learn how to avoid selling your unwanted junk for very little money. This is the one book that you can’t afford not to read.

Look for Dr. Lori’s forthcoming book titled Don’t Host a Yard Sale!