See how to spot bargain glassware and crystal when thrift store shopping. Watch Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori reveal tips to value and discover old Coke or Coca Cola bottles, hand cut glass vases and thumbprint glass bowls. Don’t get taken and lose money because you are using online auctions to research values. Big mistake, see why. Learn how to value milk glass pieces that have a green tint and a frosted glass candle holder. Plus, other bargain glassware and crystal vases, dishes and plates are appraised and identified that you can find shopping. Dr. Lori also shows you a secret on how to determine the origins of pieces with a Madonna and child image on them just by noticing the direction of a head tilt. Watch more videos on Dr. Lori’s YouTube channel. Send photos of your thrift store finds for Dr. Lori to value.