Along with several Goodwill thrift shop scores, watch Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori appraise and value a rare cabbage patch kids doll recorded live as it happened. After Dr. Lori’s appraisal, the owner sold the doll minutes after it was listed for sale. Dr. Lori also teaches you about gemstones, jewelry, marks and Tiffany style lamps. See the valuables that guests showed her during this recorded live streamed Ask Dr. Lori video. Goodwill also overlooked a diamond and sapphire ring that resulted in a thrift shopper like you to find a real bargain. Plus, Dr. Lori shows you how to identify and value oleographs, prints and ceramics. Watch more videos on Dr. Lori’s YouTube channel about a rare cabbage patch doll. Send photos of your thrift store finds for Dr. Lori to value.