Watch Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori share how to find rare collectibles and online finds like a cast iron Coca-Cola toy, a rare set of Boy Scout memorabilia badges and backpack plus a bronze sculpture of a soldier on a horse bought on Facebook Marketplace for a bargain. Plus, see appraisals for a German Steiff teddy bear, Matroyska or nesting dolls, and a Japanese Rosewood lacquer box. Dr. Lori will share secrets to selling for top dollar and offer framing tips for lithographs, prints, and paintings. Also, discover the value for a small hymm book and how to value a Madonna and Child figurine. See why it’s design is Art Deco. Watch more videos on Dr. Lori’s YouTube channel. Send photos of your rare collectibles and online finds for Dr. Lori to value.