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The Need for Appraisals

by Dr. Lori Verderame
The Need for Appraisals

We all own some object that we believe has value. In terms of art and antiques, many great pieces are overlooked just because human nature tells us that our piece couldn't really be valuable--mainly because it's ours! Many items, have value monetarily but also as sentimental, cultural, functional, or art objects.

Curious or Cash?

In addition to a general curiosity about grandfather's old photo album, the desk lamp that looks like an airplane, or the really green painting of the ocean that has been leaning up against the golf clubs in the attic for years, many of us have important works that can bring good money in the marketplace. A professional evaluation is usually the only obstacle between our objects and reaping the benefits of the marketplace.

Many people seek an art and antique appraisal in order to ascertain the history and fair market value of an item. People have their works of art and antiques appraised not only to discover the history of an item or to identify methods of research but also to uncover interesting facts about a particular piece. Many folks have items appraised in order to properly insure and care for a piece.

All this stuff

Appraisals are necessary for record keeping purposes, insurance, and gift tax documents. Many people have certified appraisals performed by qualified appraisers to update their information about the antiques and works of art in their home for their own safety and preservation. The notion of an appraisal is simple--if you looked around and have accumulated enough works of art or antiques that you have considered having the pieces appraised, you probably need an appraisal.

Some people have a good idea of the value and historical information about the pieces in their homes but just want to learn more about one particular piece. It is these "one piece" type of appraisals that most people want. These are the types of appraisals that most appraisers don't want to provide. That figures, right?! That's why I have offered not only the written appraisal service but also an online appraisal version too. The online appraisal is suited to that one piece that you just can't identify without paying the customary per hourly appraisal fee. This is an inexpensive way to get the information you need from the leading authority on appraisals—Dr. Lori.

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