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Donald Trump Collectibles

by Dr. Lori Verderame
Donald Trump Collectibles

While Presidential campaign collectibles are always of interest on the market, the early part of the 2016 campaign is about the diversity of its candidates. A familiar and financially savvy face of Donald Trump has impacted and improved the ever changing vintage political collectibles market.

Memorabilia objects, photos, artwork, video footage, statements, and slogans that chronicle Trump's long history as an American financier, business tycoon, public figure, author, TV personality, and real estate magnate will be actively brought into the spotlight in his role in the political process.

It follows that like Trump's legacy, Trump collectibles will be bought and sold for big bucks to those who collect in many categories including political and celebrity collectors. In a fine example of American trade, vintage collectors are contacting me to inquire about the value of their numerous and diverse Trump collectibles. Any time that public awareness increases, associated memorabilia increases in value. From Trump Tower hardware and signage to Trump Castle casino collectibles, all things Trump are all the rage.

Top 10 Donald Trump Collectibles

Trump campaign button

Some of the most valuable and unusual Trump collectibles:

1. Circa 1980 autographed photo of Donald Trump

2. TV production stills from "The Apprentice"

3. $5 poker chip from the Trump Castle casino in Atlantic City

4. 1995 Trump playing poker poster "How the West was Won"

5. Trump National Golf Club tees

6. Autographed first edition of The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump

7. You're Fired desk accessories from The Apprentice

8. Donald Trump bobble head dolls

9. Donald Trump fashion dolls, circa 1980s

10. Logo signage from Trump Tower

Other collectible Trump items include celebrity photographs of Donald Trump on the red carpet with various starlets, his current wife Melania, and ex-wives Ivana and Marla Maples, fine artwork like Al Hirschfeld drawings of Trump with other New York socialites in the 1980s, Christmas cards from the Trump family to celebrities like Michael Jackson and Liberace, and campaign t-shirts and red baseball caps with the 2016 campaign slogan "Make America Great Again".

At any time when a personality gains public attention, memorabilia surrounding that person impacts the market and the objects' market value. Over the last few decades, for many different reasons, Donald Trump has been in tune with the culture of America making memorabilia associated with him collectible and desirable.

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