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Andrew Wyeth

by Dr. Lori Verderame
Andrew Wyeth

Wyeth's Influence

It is safe to say that Andrew Wyeth was an American treasure. His artwork and impact on the history of art rank the Chadds Ford, PA artist with other esteemed American masters such as Thomas Eakins, Winslow Homer, Norman Rockwell, and Edward Hopper. 

Wyeth’s art inspired numerous contemporary artists to remain committed to the American realist movement. Wyeth’s influence on the art of contemporary realists like David Graeme Baker, Jamie Wyeth, and Bo Bartlett is obvious. Wyeth’s artwork captured the scholarly interest of art historians on the international stage as he documented the American scene. 

Family Ties

Born in 1917, Andrew Wyeth’s family background had roots in the fine arts. His father, who experienced an untimely death, was the famed American illustrator N.C. Wyeth. Andrew Wyeth’s son is the highly accomplished painter, Jamie who is well known for his work in American painting. Of course, the Wyeth story is told through works of art on display in museums and private collections worldwide.

Wyeth's paintings including his groundbreaking "Helga" pictures command respect and high values at auction and with collectors.

American Master

Andrew Wyeth painted pieces which captured the American scene. Andrew Wyeth said that “I paint things that reflect the basic truths of life: sky, earth, friends, the intimate things...” For the rest of us, Andrew Wyeth produced numerous artistic mainstays of 20th Century painting, thus providing the world of onlookers with timeless American images. 

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