R. C. Gorman print

by Dr. Lori Verderame

R. C. Gorman (1931-2005) is known for his works of art including paintings, prints, sculptures, ceramics, etc. 

Native American subjects and influences

Called “the Picasso of American Indian Art”, R. C. Gorman is best known for his Native American imagery, engaging execution of the medium, subject matter, and direct attention to detail. His paintings and prints primarily depict Native American scenes, women taking part in activities of everyday life, specifically those peoples of the American southwest. His paintings show references to other great artists of the 20th Century including Andy Warhol, Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, and David Siguieros, among others.

Market for R. C. Gorman art

R. C. Gorman art

Original works of art by R. C. Gorman command prices into the several thousands to tens of thousands of dollars while lithographic prints, a medium where Gorman was widely prolific, and ceramic objects also bring high values. R. C. Gorman’s interest in and admiration of the work of Diego Rivera and other Mexican muralists introduced and inspired him to consider working in the realm of abstract realist art after a successful period of his career making abstract works. Gorman traveled to Mexico and while there, he learned the process of making stone lithography prints from master printmaker, Jose Sanchez. Gorman drew directly onto the lithography stones and prints were pulled from these creations. Find tips including a video showing you how to identify valuable prints.

Famous collections

Many famous art collectors, celebrities, and museums collected and/or displayed R. C. Gorman’s work including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Major celebrities who were also avid art collectors included Gorman’s work in their collections such as Danny DeVito, Elizabeth Taylor, Erma Bombeck, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, to name a few.

A force in the circle of 20th Century Native American artists and American modern artists in general, R. C. Gorman’s works are included in major public museums and prestigious private collections worldwide.

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