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by Dr. Lori Verderame


Walter Elmer Schofield was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1867 to Benjamin Schofield and the British-born Mary Wollstonecraft Schofield. After attending Central High School, he enrolled at Swarthmore College. He made frequent trips to the American southwest, particularly to San Antonio, TX where he produced drawings of American western life. Schofield later left Swarthmore College continuing his work as an artist and attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

Trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA from 1889 to 1892, Schofield studied with Thomas Anshutz, the famous student of Thomas Eakins. Schofield became associated with the circle of the American realists including artists such as Edward Redfield, Everett Shinn, Robert Henri, George Luks, and others. Additionally, Schofield attended the weekly meetings of the Robert Henri studio as well as studied abroad.

New Hope Artist Colony

Schofield studied art at the Academie Julian in Paris and later, after marrying his British born wife Muriel Redmayne, settled in the artist colony of St. Ives, Cornwall, England. This art colony was known for following the tradition of plein aire landscape painting.

Schofield produced American landscape paintings in and around New Hope, PA and he was acquainted with the members of the New Hope artist colony. His most well known American landscape paintings are those which were produced in the region of the Delaware River and Canal from circa 1925 to 1940. His best known English landscape paintings were produced from about 1901 to 1940.

His Signature

Many of Walter Schofield’s works are NOT always signed and must be authenticated by an expert. Most of the general public incorrectly believes the myth that all artists signed their works. Provenance is a key factor when assessing authenticity. Schofield’s art, like many of the works by the American Impressionists, command high prices on the market.

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