Frank Lind painting

by Dr. Lori Verderame

Frank Lind has had a significant impact on the American art scene since the 1970s as a painter, teacher, advocate, and dean of the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. A native of Rhode Island, Lind captures the striking beauty of the rocky New England coastline in his dramatic oil paintings.

Lind has an extensive education from the finest art institutions in America. His years teaching at the Pratt Institute has resulted in many exciting and masterful paintings. Few artists capture the power of nature as poignantly as Frank Lind. His work has been included in important private and public collections worldwide.

Drawn to the tradition of painting landscapes and seascapes by the 19th Century American artists such as James A. M. Whistler and Winslow Homer, Frank Lind paints famous vistas and historic sites. His compositions range from seascapes and landscapes to nudes.

Frank Lind focuses on this American master’s interest in capturing the great expanses of the ocean. Known for his seascapes, Lind unites the realism of the 19th century with the direct, gestural approach of Abstract Expressionism in his work. Color and tonality are charged in his use of muted tones and broad brushstrokes.
His intimate compositions focus on the interplay of light on water when capturing scenes of bubbling brooks and stone footbridges or dramatic waves from the Atlantic Ocean from the rocky New England coast.

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