Hutschenreuther Ceramic Horse

by Dr. Lori Verderame

The German porcelain firm of Hutschenreuther produced a wide variety of figural ceramics and high quality dinnerware pieces. Typically marked “Hutschenreuther Selb LHS Germany Kunslabteilung”, these collectible figural objects were made of white glazed porcelain. Like other high quality figural ceramics like Hummel and Royal Doulton figurines, Hutschenreuther pieces were produced in forms such as horses, seagulls, dancers, kissing couples, ballerinas, etc. With well executed, molded forms and hand painting, these figurines are very collectible and command several hundreds to thousands of dollars on the market.

Figurines and Dinnerware

Hutschenreuther CeramicLike the porcelain figurines, Hutschenreuther dinnerware services are enhanced and decorated with hand painting and 22 karat gold details. Complete sets have been growing in popularity and are quite valuable based on their fine decoration and exceptional quality. The porcelain is of bright white color with masterful details, pigmented accents, hand painting, and, often gilt highlighting.

Identify the Mark

The Hutschenreuther family established the firm in northern Bavaria in 1814. The firm’s mark is found on the underside of their production pieces with an encircled lion and the firm’s name noted above the site of origin, Bavaria Germany. In 1857, Hutschenreuther acquired several rival firms including Jaeger, Werner, Bauscher brothers, Mueller, and Tirschenreuth for his new porcelain factory. In 2000, Hutschenreuther joined Waterford Wedgwood Group.

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