Pairpoint Lamp

by Dr. Lori Verderame

Pairpoint Beginnings

The Pairpoint Manufacturing Company was established in 1880 in New Bedford, MA. Producing coffin fittings and metalwork, Pairpoint approached its neighboring business, the Mt. Washington Glassworks, about a possible merger. Combining metalwork and glassware production in 1894, their merger created lamp and lamp accessories including and soon became world famous for its Pairpoint lamps.

From circa 1895 to 1930, the newly formed company was best known for their blown glass shades in three types: blown out reversed painted shades, ribbed reverse painted scenic shades, and landscape shades. Cut glass lamps and lamps with metal overlay were also produced by Pairpoint during this period.


Pairpoint lamp

Pairpoint stamped its lamps on the lower inside or outside edge with several different markings and their bases made of brass, silver, copper, bronze, or wood were always signed and marked. A common marking is the diamond mark with the letter P in the center found on the underside of the base.

Luxury items were not in favor 

Pairpoint’s sales lagged seriously during the Great Depression because its product line was predominantly filled with luxury items. From 1938 through the 1970s, numerous reorganizations of the company took place in an effort to revive Pairpoint, but none captured the activity or productivity of the early decades of success.

Today, collectors look for the puffy style blown glass lamps featuring roses, mums, and other flowers. These painted and highly decorated lamps have stirred market interest with collectors who pay sky high prices for Pairpoint originals.

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