Vintage Star Wars poster

by Dr. Lori Verderame

While there have been premiere movie collectibles from numerous films, the cult classic Star Wars series of films quickly became a cultural phenomenon. Star Wars has grown huge with the collecting community for its movie memorabilia, props, scripts, etc. ever since its debut in the late 1970s. Star Wars Toys and Collectibles are also very popular.

Some of the most important Star Wars movie memorabilia objects have come from the actual set of this state of the art Hollywood film. When it comes to the most sought after pieces of movie memorabilia, the highest prices are paid for those items that were used in the actual production of the original films, items that were associated with famous actors and their beloved Star Wars characters, and those objects that were specially made and demonstrated the state of the art impact and nature of the film franchise.

What to Look For

Most importantly, collectors should look for a sound film studio provenance, background, and authenticity when they consider adding these items to their collection. As a professional appraiser and authenticator of Star Wars movie memorabilia and Star Wars Toys and Collectibles, certain criteria are important to establishing value. For instance, objects used in the development of the film series including props and costumes have brought big bucks from collectors as long as it can be proven that they were original pieces and are in good condition.

For instance, the Blockade Runner miniature used for the filming of the early Star Wars episode is an important collectible because it was the first flying ship to appear in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope from 1977. It remains the most expensive piece of Star Wars movie memorabilia ever sold at an astounding $450,000. By comparison, a single piece of the famous Death Star from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi sold for $39,000. Still big bucks but nothing when compared to the Blockade Runner.

Props are not the only Star Wars objects that attract buyers from galaxies near and far. Costumes from the various Star Wars films hold their market value and interest very well such as the ultra-iconic original gold bikini costume worn by Carrie Fisher from Star War Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. It sold for $96,000.

Scripts, soundtracks, and production objects with autographs also attract collectors.

Look for good condition, any original markings or studio tags, identification marks, makers and materials specific to the time period, and other credible background information when considering these pieces of memorabilia. Objects with sound provenance like scripts, filmmakers’ notations, writers’ copy, or production crew tools will help rise the value and interest in Star Wars movie memorabilia, too.

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