by Dr. Lori Verderame

Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori’s recommendations for treasure hunting tools and storage products to protect your treasures and thrift store finds.

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Get the loupe Dr. Lori uses! Great lens and LED light helps you read tiny marks on pottery, jewelry. Great for spotting damage on thrift store finds before you buy. Shop and buy »

Diamond Tester

With antique and vintage gemstones and precious metals, correct identification is key. Know real from fake with this professional diamond tester. Easy to use. Shop and buy »

Gold Tester

Easy-to-use portable gold tester. Tells: 1. karats of yellow, white, and rose gold, 2. gold from gold plate and non-gold, 3. platinum. LED display. Shop and buy »

Gemstone Tester

Presidium II. Tests diamonds and colored gemstones like ruby, amethyst, emerald, sapphire, etc. with Assisted Thermal Calibration (ATC) for easy, correct identification. Shop and buy »


This jewelry scale accurately measures in grams(g), ounces(oz), grains(gr), carats(ct), pennyweights(dwt), and troy ounces(oz t) for all your weighing needs. Made in USA. Shop and buy »

Pocket Scale

An accurate pocket scale for gold, silver, coins, jewelry, gemstones, grains, etc. It is lightweight and portable. Shop and buy »

Battery Black Light

A portable, battery operated black light that will show damage on objects, uranium glass, restoration on artwork and more. Shop and buy »

Black Light

Rechargeable! Use it for finding hidden damage on clothing and purses, restoration on paintings, tears on prints, hairline cracks on ceramics, glass and more. Shop and buy »

Magnet Bracelet

Use this magnetic bracelet to spot valuable jewelry when shopping at thrift stores. It’s fashionable too. Shop and buy »

Measuring Tape

Tape won’t scratch/damage valuable antiques. Convenient 2 pack:  1 at your sales shipping counter, 1 in car for yard sales, thrift stores. Shop and buy »

Cotton Gloves

Machine washable, comfortable cotton, great for protecting and inspecting art, antiques, collectibles. Shop and buy »


Disposable gloves are best when cleaning out dirty storage lockers, attics, garages while protecting objects. Good grip. Shop and buy »


Know the size of your beads, pearls. This caliper is great for measuring pearls, small beads on jewelry. Shop and buy »

Table easel/plate stand that’s perfect for home interior design. Display heirloom china, vintage photographs, postcards, framed prints and more.

A little dab secures collectibles on display shelves like crystal, ceramic figurines, sculpture, etc.  Secure collectibles and prevent breakage.

Wooden silver storage chest resists tarnish. Don’t bother cleaning silver. Holds a service for 12 of knives, spoons, forks.

Attractive way to display a large flag on a shelf or hanging on a wall. No flag? Use as a shadowbox for other collectibles.

Perfect size for collectibles like baseballs, Beanie babies, pocket watches. Keeps them clean and protected to retain value.

Beanie Babies tags are important for value. 10-pack saves money—buy in bulk. Protect Princess Diana, Valentino, Peace and all your Beanie babies.

Keep vintage photos and postcards in acid-free, non-toxic albums. Easy to organize, access, and view with family and friends.

Self-sticking makes these acid-free corner mounts easy to use. For photo albums, scrapbooking, display of your watercolors, artwork, postcards, etc.

Great for all types of collectible cards—Pokemon, baseball, sports, Star Wars, postcards, etc. Cards won’t fall out. Acid free, non-toxic, and waterproof.

Archival bags are the best for vintage comic books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Non-toxic, clear view, acid-free. 100 pack saves money.

Everything you need to decorate your home with art. Variety kit has everything so you can hand lightweight or heavy frames.

Display case for sculpture, pottery, teddy bears, fragile items, china figurines. Protects from dirt, makes a statement, finished look.

Modern design cube for displaying everything from art sculptures, vintage purses, and other collectibles.

Sturdy, good looking acrylic table easel displays collectibles, bowls, plaques, books, small framed artwork, stained glass, memorabilia, family heirlooms, photos, keepsakes, etc.

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Storage tote keeps out light, water and moisture, bugs. Add a Oxygen absorbers to keep collectibles dry.

Totes offer safe storage for antiques, heirlooms, collectibles. Repels insects, waterproof, ample storage space.

Avoid acid, pollutants, and damaging light by using this archival box. Care for your treasures and avoid discoloration, fading, damage.

Acid-free box for photos, prints, historic documents, newspapers. Drop front design prevents damage. Slide objects in easily. Strong metal corners.

Keep quilts, afghans, clothes, wedding dresses, blankets stored safely and free of damage. Proper acid-free storage keeps textiles’ value.

X-Large Jewelry Box

Fine jewelry and costume jewelry storage and display helps you easily select items, find heirlooms, and keep jewelry in good shape. Shop and buy »

Large Jewelry Box

Keeps jewelry separate and organized. Prevents scratches, damage, and devaluing your fine jewelry, gemstones, and costume jewelry. Shop and buy »

Oxygen Absorbers help keep your stored items free of dampness and mold. Easy, convenient packets.

Protect your watches and bracelets with this jewelry box with removable rolls. Easy to find as it protects bracelet clasps and closures.

Must-have to protect art, antiques, collectibles. Bulk sheets make wrapping easy, economical.

Great for small wrapping jobs. Individual sheets are handy for storing china, Hummel figurines, Lladros, and other small collectibles.

Foam wrap cushions and protects glassware, fragile china, ceramic figurines, kitchen collectibles, etc.

Individual foam sheets are best for storing plates, serving trays, china, crystal, all types of figurines and  collectible objects.

Store fragile jewelry, ceramics, china, crafts, silver, quilts, and clothing. Natural cotton muslin, various sizes.

The best for organizing costume jewelry, small collectibles. Zip-lock, vapor-block, safe polyethylene bags.

Keep damaging moisture away from your stored antiques. Individual packets–just drop in to a storage tub with collectibles.

This storage liner holds a lot! Inside flatware separators won’t scratch. Cloth prevents tarnish.

For wedding dresses, vintage furs, clothing fashion. Best for all textile preservation. Also get a padded muslin hanger, acid free tissue, cotton gloves.

My padded muslin hanger of choice for vintage clothing, fur, wool, and other textile preservation.

Protects and highlights antique wood furniture, stained glass window frames, doors, room dividers, etc.

This kit has all you need in 1 place. Remove ugly, damaging tarnish and oxidation. Reveal silver patterns with the best tools and polish.

Great cleaning tool for tight spaces. Not only for your keyboard but for other collectibles too.

Won’t scratch, mar or mark your antique furniture, art, or fragile collectibles. Great for glass, jewelry, crystal, porcelain, etc.

Non-toxic cloth will shine, polish, and protect valuable gold, platinum, all types of jewelry, metal objects, silverware, coins.

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Acid free linen tape to secure mats, protect prints, photos, and works on paper inside frames.

All you need to frame your art. Better than brads or nails to tightly secure backboards to frames.

Metal framer’s point refills for your Framer’s point “gun.” Won’t split wood frames; holds tightly.

All you need to decorate your home with framed artwork. Variety kit has sized hooks, wire, brads, etc.

Choose white foam core to protect the back of framed prints, photographs, samplers, etc. Replace damaging wood, cardboard or paper backboards.

Standard size and useful to have a 10-pack on hand. Protects your valuable paintings, prints, photographs while protecting the fragile canvas and paper.

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