Kitchen cannister collection

by Dr. Lori Verderame

Don’t disregard or overlook your kitchen as a source for valuable antiques and collectibles! Kitchen objects or kitchenana also known as kitchen collectibles are objects like refrigerator magnets, utensils, vintage can openers, mixers, coffee pots, cookie jars, advertising tea tins, canister sets, rolling pins, dinnerware china, tea sets and teacups. These prime collectibles are sentimental objects and they have good value just like cookie cutters, vintage mixing bowls, and cast iron frying pans found in the kitchen.

Condition is the most important criteria when adding to this collecting category. We use these objects on a daily basis which goes hand in hand with wear and tear. Some wear is expected when attracting kitchen collectors to particular objects, but condition is still an important value indicator and it cannot be overlooked. One of the most popular items for kitchen collectors are  old cookbooks with values ranging from $75 to several thousands of dollars.

And, don’t forget that vintage appliances can have value too. That’s right, your mom’s 1975 avocado green can opener or grandma’s 1950s mix master command high prices with collectors. In addition, a pre-World War II Magic Chef stove in excellent condition sold for $3,000. You probably have some super kitchen collectibles, too.

What to Look For

Some of the most sought after kitchen collectibles are items like printed hand towels, canister sets in aluminum, wood, and plastic, toasters from the early 1900s, irons, table linens, old glass bottles, and advertising tins from companies like National Biscuit (Nabisco), Tetley and Lipton tea, Coca Cola, and Heinz.

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