Jill Hoffman art

by Dr. Lori Verderame

Texas native Jill Hoffman makes pastel compositions focusing on the landscape of the southwest. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions nationwide.

With years of experience as an college professor, art educator, and museum curator, Jill Hoffman’s artwork demonstrates her extensive background in the arts and her mastery of the visual language in pastels and printmaking.

Hoffman’s work, Doorway Work on paper by Jill Hoffman in pastel and color pencil shows her love of landscape as a subject for her impressive works on paper. Capturing the grand vistas of the southwest, Hoffman’s pieces are defined by the delicate handling and attention to detail in color and approach. While most drawn to pastels, the artist also produces lithographs and monotype prints in bold color compositions and striking forms. Inspired by the traditions of Native Americans and their art, Hoffman’s pieces reflect the most basic elements of the  landscape form as well as the striking colors that are synonymous with the beauty of the southwest.

Jill Hoffman’s background is quite impressive in terms of education and experience. Her educational background is only overshadowed by her kind spirit, good will, and love of the visual arts. With an exhibition record that includes shows at major galleries and museums, Hoffman enjoys her work as a university professor, museum professional, and fine artist. In 1991, she received a National Endowment for the Arts grant and taught  university classrooms and major museums.

Jill Hoffman work on paper

Jill Hoffman’s work, Blue Mountain in pastel and color pencil references the art of the American modern painters and conveys the same simple, color harmonies that made the work of American artists of the 20th Century so popular. The direct and confident approach that is evident in Hoffman’s art reminds me of works of art by American masters such as Milton Avery, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Arthur B. Carles. Basic, geometric forms and simple compositions blossomed into expressive, luscious works of art as these artists demonstrated their knowledge and command of color theory and application. Jill Hoffman follows this important and lasting artistic tradition set forth by the American masters of this century.

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