Tips for Oprah’s Auction

I've got your exclusive top 3 tips for shopping at Oprah's upcoming auction. These tips are also helpful when bidding at any auction. Watch out! It may be better for you to donate to Oprah's educational foundation directly instead of wasting money on buyer's fees and auction house commissions. Yes, some of Oprah's stuff is actually junk and I'll tell you.

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Violin from The Titanic sells $1.6M

Did you hear that a violin played on the Titanic sold for $1.6 Million dollars? Sure, the sale of a piece of Titanic memorabilia is exciting and everybody loves a good story, but for some unknown reason, everybody thinks that their old violin is only valuable object in the family. Before you bring your violin to one of my events or send photos for my review, read my three points on this news story, violins, and the Stradivarius mark.

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Are Antiques Values too High?

Have you ever heard somebody who claims to be an antiques appraiser say that antiques are way overvalued and there is too much old stuff around? Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser Dr. Lori dispels this myth with three easy points including tips on how to avoid the traps that resellers try to set when buying and selling antiques.

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