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by Dr. Lori Verderame

I have the answer in three easy steps. I get this question all the time at my events, during my in home visits and video chats and after I review items from photos. The answer is simple and proven to work. People have used my Online Appraisals to help create bidding wars and to sell their items higher than my appraised value. Why? Because my appraisals arm you with information to cut through the crap and to make it easier to sell your item.

1. Get an Appraisal from me, Dr. Lori

Request an Online Appraisal from me. I provide you with a document describing your piece, the value that people have really paid for a similar item with cash, swiped a credit card, or written a check. I also provide you with at least one place where a piece like yours was sold just like a real estate appraisal report does. I can provide you more places where items sold for an additional fee when you request the Online Appraisal. This Online Appraisal document will provide you with the truth about your item regarding its real value and tips about your item from a respected authority.

2. Contact Buyers & Resellers

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Now using your Online Appraisal document provided by me, a reputable appraiser with the Ph.D. in the field of antiques, contact the places listed in your Online Appraisal document. Get a glass of your favorite beverage, sit by your computer and use the accurate information that I’ve provided in the online appraisal document to post your item on every online auction you can find, all of your social media channels, in collectors corners and forums, etc. You should also visit your local antiques shops and auction houses and email antiques dealers and auctioneers outside of your area about your item.

Although some resellers might not be interested in your object for many reasons (i.e., they simply don’t sell your type of item or their customers wouldn’t buy that type of item), don’t be surprised that some of them will attempt to discredit me, my education and experience as well as the appraised value that I have provided. This is when you know they really want your item.

They may even go as far as to say that you should throw it in the trash. I’ve heard all the stories over the years, but feel free to post what they’ve said to you on my social media sites so that I and others can support you.

Remember, the appraisal I provided to you is based on what other people paid for a similar item to yours. These comments are an attempt by the potential buyer to get you to sell your valuable cheaply. They want a bargain and you can’t blame them, but you don’t want to lose money either. Don’t forget they run a business by buying low and selling high. Simply stand firm on your price and move on to find another reseller who is honest. How do you know who is honest? Use my Online Appraisal document which is from a respected authority. Compare my credentials to others. Also remember, my appraisal is unbiased and independent.

3. Sell it

Take all the offers and sell to the highest price. If you didn’t get a high enough offer, contact more resellers, dealers, auctioneers, anybody since there are so many of them out there right in your local town and on the internet. Many of them are honest business people. You can’t just try the first reseller and give up. You can easily find a reseller who wants your item. Contact enough resellers and you might just sell it for more than the appraised value. I’ve seen it happen!

Request your Online Appraisal for your item.

Now that you have the 3 steps on how to sell, read my Three Don’ts when Selling Antiques